Spring Untappd/Homebrew Trade? (Summer wheat beer FT)

Just finished a 6 gallon batch of hoppy hefeweizen (brewed with chamomile tea, lightly sweetened with wildflower honey and fermented on various citruses) perfect for summer. I’ll be shipping out a few bottles to the west coast, but I’ll have a lot left over. Anyone interested in organizing a homebrew trade with me? I’m putting this beer on Untappd in the homebrew category so that it can be easily rated by anyone that so desires. This doesn’t have to exclusively be an untappd homebrew thread, but it’s just so much more satisfying to actually be able to rate homebrewers’ creations online (and I feel that giving feedback/remarks on their beer via email or text can only go so far). The warmer months are here; and I’m definitely in a soft, easily drinkable wheat beer kind of mood. Any beer that’s orange or yellow should be delicious, just as a general rule I usually try to avoid too-bitter IPAs altogether. It’s just not my thing. In my opinion, this is more of a beer trade post than of a homebrew post but if it needs to be moved then I totally understand.


I like the idea of this, but am opting out because it would involve shipping overseas.

Some other time, perhaps.

Not gonna BUMP …