Tattered Flag Brewery and Distillery Is Up For Sale

Tattered Flag Brewery and Distillery Is Up For Sale
(Middletown, PA)
Veteran Owned Brewery and Distillery

I hadn’t realized that they expanded so fast. That seems to have been a major reason for their undoing. My personal experience with the beer has always been average at best. That’s a lot of brewery they are selling at a bad time to start new craft breweries in PA.

Its definitely not looking like a great time for craft breweries and craft beer in general. Maybe not a full popping of the bubble, but certainly a shrinking of the bubble.

Seeing as I am in PA now, I can say that over the past few weeks, almost every brewery I was at was less than 1/2 full even during peak hours. It is sure convenient for me, as I have no difficulty finding seats or ordering beers, but it is concerning for longevity. Even hyped breweries like Human Robot, Hidden River and Imprint have lately not been very packed.

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More interestingly, I’ve never even heard of two of those breweries and I sort of make it my business to know craft breweries.

Similarly, what I think is the best brewery in Baltimore is not on most people‘s or beer geek’s radar and is typically empty on Saturday afternoons.

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Imprint is probably known best for their fruit sludge “sours”, so not very surprised that they were not on your radar. Around the beginning of Covid their crowlers were pretty sought after in those circles. Hidden River is less “hyped” but is a top tier IPA brewery by any reasonable metric.

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Is this a brewery a secret mystery from the rest of us? :thinking:

As for the three mentioned I’ve seen Imprint cans in lots of beer stores so they must get a decent distro outside of PA.

Suspended Brewing.

I work in PA and Imprint has never caught my eye and I don’t remember seeing (or hearing) about them in south central PA.

These details are less important. I think it is clear that the craft scene is a lot more local (for example, my neighborhood has 4 brewpubs) and it has been clear that most craft beer consumers don’t drink the beer for its quality. So being high-quality (by beer geek or beer bro) standards is not as rewarding as it used to be. Nowadays, convenience and price probably have a bigger impact.

I’ve traveled out to Philly and been to all three - Hidden River, Imprint, and Human Robot. At different times. (Only been to each brewery one time.)

I would say in most markets and online fanbases of PA, they are known breweries. I live in Central PA (Harrisburg area), and we can get Human Robot and Imprint at Breski’s and a few other distro’s.

I also know online through a few blogs and pages, that throughout PA those three breweries are known.