Ticks and Ratings or Reviews and Ratings

May be this is old news, so please forgive me if it is. Are ticks (now called ratings?) counted in ratings (now called reviews?) now? It would help reduce confusion if we were consistent in nomenclature.

As of 10/05/2019 (aka 05/10/2019), ticks were going in as ticks. But the ticks do seem to show up with yellow bullets and numerical scores when a beer’s ratings are viewed. I just checked one from 2013, and it’s “there”. But I suspect they only show up when the ticker checks the beer. I went to another person’s ratings page, picked a tick and clicked on the beer; the tick showed with the ratings. But when I searched for that beer, and checked for the entry of that other person’s activity/tick, not a sign.

So we apparently can find a tick of our own when searching for a beer to see if we’ve had it.

Ticks are now called Quick Ratings and are Private (actually other people cannot see it unless they use the beer page with your personal member ID number attached to it - the one you can find when searching through your ratings)

And they mention:

In any case,
Our Rating System
To ensure the quality of our beer scores we only include reviews that are detailed

Private Ratings
0 - 74 characters
Saved for personal use
Doesn’t contribute to overall score

Public Review
75 + characters
Contributes to the overall beer score
Visible to the community

It looks like number of countries and regions is a total of ratings and ticks.

It seems both are included under reviews and ticks. Ticks do not seem to be included in the top ratings list, however.

The Private Ratings are represented in some Community based scoring but not all. I don’t feature in number of brewery rated or top raters by county etc but my own stats do show that Private Ratings count for stats in no of ticks/rates by county.

I’m happy that ticks/private rates don’t contribute to overall score as the 75 character limit at least forces some thought to count and discourages false ratings. The same should apply for place ratings.