USA/Canada: Molson Coors announces sweeping restructuring plan

" In order to streamline the business, the operation will be consolidated from four business units to two. Molson Coors will combine its U.S. business, MillerCoors , with its Latin America business and Molson Coors Canada and part of Molson Coors International to form a North America unit, which will be headed by Pete Marino . In this context, MillerCoors, its U.S. corporate brand name adopted at the time of the formation of a joint venture in 2008, will be retired."

How do we manage this?

Do we simply rename every brewers with the (MillerCoors) mention to (Molson Coors)?

Seems like that’s the top level company name?

MillerCoors was an independant subsidiary of Molson Coors before but now they will be regrouped as part of Molson Coors North America along with Molson Coors Canada.
So the easiest thing would just be to rename them all to “Brewer name (Molson Coors)”

Would this mean that suddenly drinkers of American swill will mysteriously have many more Canada ticks?

No, the breweries would still be listed where they are located. Budweiser is still American even though it’s owned by ABInBev or whatever they are called these days.

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One consequence of reorganization is job cuts. Sad to see that happening. Another case of efficiency gains on the backs of workers.