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Vintage Stille Nacht

So I’ve had a bottle of 1987 Stille Nacht at Kulminator. Turns out vintages of 1987 and 1999 had abv of 8%, unlike the modern versions which are 12%. Whats even more important 1987 was brewed with dark malts. Not sure if that was the last year they used dark malts. Does anyone know more about the history of Stille Nacht?

I think old Vintage should be listed as separate entry.

There used to be a rule that you couldn’t enter old beers (including vintages) from time before ratebeer. Not sure if this rule is still enforced as it was mentioned in one of the topics that this rule should be reexamined. I’m sure @Marko can answer if it is allowed now or not.

Kulminator is a cool place, so im kind of jealous of you :slight_smile:

I’m aware of the rule and as much as rules are here for the reason sometimes common sense should be used.

To build up the case I know I’m not the only one from RB who had the SN from that year. Also there are more 1987 bottles in Kulminator and they can actually be bought to go as a part of the package. So it’s not a one time bottle which no one will have ever again.

When it comes to practice the question is do we want to see historical change of this beer properly documented at RB or should it be dug up in my review of the regular version. I prefer the former.

Spent more than 4 hours there, I’d say best of my visits there so far.

OK, so I’ve checked with Kris Herteleer and only first few batches of Stille Nacht were brewed as stronger Oerbier. After that no coloured malts were used, so dark colour comes from the aging. Kris mentioned it should be orange, but as you can see in the photo below it’s way darker than that (these are 1987 - 2010 - 2019).


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