Viola Sofia

I removed the 2023 separate listing. If this is to be separated, it would be a new entry with the 2020 and 2023 ratings separated from the 2011 ratings. If someone wants to do this be my guest.

That said, does anyone know the difference between the 2011 version currently under Grassroots/Hill Farmstead and the Fanø version? Looks like the Fanø version was created in 2012 and was initially draught?

I’m guessing here, but maybe the 2011 bottled version belongs under Fanø as well? And only the 2020 and onwards version belongs under Hill?

Well, this discussion, as any that can result in people’s 2011 ratings being merged with 2023 ratings should’ve been had before ratings were merged, though thankfully not many were affected. :confused: Please, let’s be more careful with aliasing, we cannot uncouple merged ratings!

The entry that you’ve noted as “always having been” for the Hill Farmstead-brewed version is from 2011. Was a HF version brewed then? The first ratings seem to target an initial version brewed for Ma Che, with only pushkinwow’s review from 2012 referencing HF (that he bought it there). The HF-brewed versions, 2020 onwards, speak of “reenvisioning” the recipe. That means, in my book, that they should be separate from previous incarnations. The problem was likely created, unless I’m somehow wrong, when someone, in 2020 most likely, decided just to move the old entry, and added all HF-related things to it.

This article from 2012 clearly says that the Fanø Bryghus Viola Sofia 2011 (10,3%): Kunstner Øl No. 2. Imperial Stout is a different recipe from the previous Grassroots one (the ingredients list mentions spices, not sure if others do).
That one is its own beast and should be left alone.

And there’s the Grassroots-brewed-at-Fanø “Viola Sofia is an Imperial Stout that was aged for 3 months on top of cocoa nibs in Jack Daniel’s barrels.” version.

We definitely need more input on the case.

Yes I agree it should have been investigated in 2020. Still, easy enough to move the 2020 onwards ratings.
Hopefully someone will know. I guess I can email Shaun as well

And I may have screwed Gene out of his earlier rating for which I apologize and will be more careful in the future


And looking at it further I’m now betting the 2011 ratings currently merged to Hill were actually the base/companion beer to the Grassroots Barrel Aged entry.

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Speaking about HF: is there a reason why some vintages are separated, for example: and ? They look the same, except different year? It’s not super important or anything, but for example with lambics it is deliberate decision not to separate by harvest… (otherwise every lambic with fresh fruit should have separate entry for every year).

Yeah, we need some people who know Ryan W-M well to ask him I guess.

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Ryan is brewing at Casita Cerveceria in North Carolina

I know him, and can contact him if you want me too. If you’d rather an Admin contact him, go for it Clark! Ryan is an incredibly nice guy.

Also, Gene, sorry for merging first and asking questions second. Wont do that again, thankfully it preserves your score and text, so you can recreate it (as im betting this will get separated out by the old version and the 2020+ version)

As to the Harvests being separated out by year, I’m sure this is just “because that’s how it started being done so we keep doing it that way”. Though they are a blend of different barrels each season (though so are lambics), they do seem to use the same farm (Elmore Roots for plums and pears, for example, but different types of fruits each year (different pear blend for the two pear harvests). I don’t know, you could make a case for either way. It’s not like this is a brewery regular output (such as 3F OG or Cantillon Gueuze) so I’m inclined to just let them be separate entries. They are just once-a-year releases, anyways.

If you know Ryan, please do ask him for a brief history of Viola Sofia (particularly the 2011 version, where it was brewed, and if he has any part in the 2020 - onwards version brewed at Hill.

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Get him to dust off his RB account and post here :grinning:

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No worries! Site accuracy is the most important thing

OK, message to Ryan sent. Stay tuned

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