Visiting Norway in July looking for nice places to visit and searching for good beerplaces + exchange beer?

Hi everyone,

We are going to Norway this summer. We are looking for good places to visit on or travel and off course also looking for some nice beerplaces. We want to travel through the whole country by car or a piece by cruise/ferry… If some has some good suggestions… Also places to stay? It may be a B&B or a camping spot or hotel… All suggestions are welcome.

Also if someone is interested tot exchange beer, that is also an opportunity. We can try to take some good Belgian beers that you want (we also have some package Westvleteren 12° + 2 small glasses), …

Thanks for your advices!

Greatings Wim

Who are «we»? Family? Children?
How long will you stay? What are your need to do-list? Any interests beside drinking beer?
Must visit beer cities in Norway are Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsø. In mote remote parts of the country you can find microbreweries to visit, but most of them have limited opening times, some hours Friday or/and Saturday. The places section here at RateBeer is actually quite good if you want to find out were to go. I will drive from Bryne (near Stavanger) to Bodø and take the ferry to Lofoten Islands this summer. My first stop will be a camping site called «Furuhaugli» Cheap cabins and microbrewery! And remember; nothing is really cheap in Norway, but I guess you already know…


Me and my girlfriend are going. (Age 33-38) We want to go for 3 to 4 week. We like to see a lot of nature. Camping is also a possibility…

We looked for the ferry, but it see med to be already very expensive. 1200 euros for just fine night. …

Do you have good alternatief?

Thank you for you answer


Ferry? Do you mean “Hurtigruten” that sails along the coast from Bergen to Kirkenes? It’s expensive to bring a car on the ship, and limited space too. Driving along the coast is also expensive for most foreigners, lots of ferries and toll roads. Speed driving is also extremely expensive! Parking in cities, especially Oslo, is also expensive. Best to find a hotel or camping site a bit outside the city centre. Check out if it is possible to take a bus downtown. Use the RateBeer map in the places section to find brewpubs and bars in Norway. When you arrive Norway or If you take a trip to Sweden or Finland when in Norway, remember that you can only bring 5 liters of beer.If you have more, you have to pay. Check out toll legislation. Arriving Norway by ferry? Fjordline or Color Line. You have to pre-book!