What brewery has moved from Oxfordshire?

Could have sworn I had 115/120 Oxfordshire rates a few weeks ago … now I’m down to 101 !

@imdownthepub … any ideas?

The only Brewery I have moved from Oxfordshire recently was Earth Ale Brewery who have created their own Brewery in Hampton, Greater London. I note that you have just 3 rates with them (zero for me!), not sure of the others that you may have lost.

Cheers for the info Glen.

I could be wrong … so many numbers in my head relating to this website … maybe I dreamt I’d had more than I had !

I only went through the 100 mark for Oxfordshire when I met Stevoj in Oxford itself back in May.

Been 2 or 3 breweries that defaulted to just england and no region. Could this be the case?

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Could be I guess.

Ok … just noticed I’m down to 92 Oxfordshire rates now !!!

Any ideas @imdownthepub ?

No idea this time. No Breweries moved by me recently.

I appear to have lost some too, so something has happened. Hopefully it’s not a Brewer messing about, I still don’t know why we let them mess with our data.

yes … that should be stopped!

I only ever notice when I lose rates from a county … never the ones (I presumably) gain !

Strange how it’s been Oxfordshire twice now though.

The only other recent one, which I was aware of, was Solvay Society which moved from G London to Essex.

I know Neptune recently moved from Merseyside to Wales. Not sure about any others.

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Maybe worth starting google spreadsheet of breweries by county and then can verify when issues present. I’ve not moved anything recently as I’ve been a lazy twat.

I did a comprehensive search this morning. No Breweries moved from Oxfordshire recently. Must be individual beers deleted.

Probably not that recent, but Ridgeway has moved from Oxfordshire to West Sussex

Didn’t realize that Chris … cheers.

That accounts for 11 Oxon ratings for me.

I think that fits the bill for the recent drop from 103 to 92.

Any idea when this move was made @imdownthepub ?

Still a block of 13 or so from back in the summer.

That was back in September. Sorry, this was mentioned on another thread, I thought it was this one.

No i’d not seen that.

That definitely seems to explain my most recent loss then.

Yea with you on that Glen, I recall it being mentioned on one of the UK threads a couple of months ago