What if we could rate breweries?

I was just thinking, what if you let people rate a brewery itself? Like not as a place but as a producer? It would be like, you could give them grades on consistency, quality, and a couple other things? Only you would have had to rate a certain amount of their beers before grading them. And then individual beers overall would also factor into the score. And your rating of the brewery would have heavier weight if you rated a larger percentage of their beers. As in if they have 10, and I rate 9, my rating would way slightly heavier on algorithm than someone who just rated 2? .
So it would work like, you have to have had 5 or 10 of their beers before rating them. And your own rating would include one portion which is made out of overall scores you gave their beers? Not sure if I’m making sense here.

Obviously some brewer with lower numbers of beers would either not be ratable or unlock the ability for a rather to rate brewery at a lower number? Maybe if they only have 10 or less beer you can only rate them once you rated 60% of their beer?


I am pretty sure you can tell alot just by using the weighted ratings.
They should tell alot about the brewery indirectly.

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Ya that’s what I typically do but would be some interesting things to see. Like how does a brewery rate for consistency over time or something. In theory there is a way to see that for individual beers, or there was. But would be cool to see it spelled out on brewery pages.

That should be a simple query calculation on each brewery.