What is going on here?


French take over?

Think an admin should take a look.


They released a new beer page compliant with the App and full of bugs as usual (see bug forum for full details).

So these bugs has given some Frenchman/woman multiple accounts and rated the same beer with 5’s and 4.8’s etc, etc?

Strange bugs!


Ok I see, they are all today’s ratings…
I thought they might be previous “private reviews” exposed by today’s broken update…

Yes, the second page of rates also has a load from 9th Dec, again new accounts and in French.


RateBeer best is coming…


Well whoever it is seems determined to get the beer into the top bracket of RateBeer and if someone doesn’t step in and stop it he’ll most likely do it again with another beer (might already be doing that anyway, but as every review is ‘a first rate’ from a new account I doubt it).


None of those reviews are qualified, since they’ve not rated enough beers. That means they don’t count towards the RB best score.