Where in the UK to find beer from difficult countries

Am up to 90 countries now and just wondered if anyone had tips for where to find some of the more difficult ones to tick off, I guess in London would be most likely but anywhere in the UK. Some recent ones I’ve managed in the last year:

Colombia & Dominican Republic - both at La Bodeguita Deli inside the big shopping centre at Elephant and Castle
Ethiopia & Eritrea - both at Merkado restaurant on Caledonian Road (Ethiopia is probably pretty easy to find, Eritrea was a totally unexpected bonus). Enjoyed both with a lovely kebab-type lunch.
Israel - Bala Baya restaurant, nearest tube Southwark
Philippines - Cafe Romulo in Kensington, again with a really nice meal.

Grateful for any tips anyone has to help me get towards 100. According to the site the ‘easiest’ countries I need are Guatemala and El Salvador, followed by Luxembourg, Belarus, Hong Kong, Cambodia and Armenia!


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Beers of Europe sells a few lagers from Fiji.

Bien Manger (https://www.bienmanger.com/) ships to the UK. Not sure about now, but at the start of the year they had beers from Bolivia, French Polynesia, Madagascar, Reunion and Senegal.

There are a couple of Ghanian restaurants in London that sell the national beer: Sweet Handz (Holloway Road) and The Gold Coast (Croydon).

I believe it’s also possible to find Georgian beer in Georgian restaurants in London.

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Thanks, will check those out!

I found DR of Congo in an offie on West Green Road, which is just north of the Seven Sisters Tube station, sorry can’t remember it’s name.


I have a spare bottle from Luxembourg, pm me if interested.

Nandos sell a beer called 2M from Mozambique.


I can’t remember what it’s called but there’s a tea room and bar in Chinatown that has a range of Hong Kong craft beers. Been meaning to go there.


Took a look at Bier Manger. Pity it’s not more user friendly but will place an order at some point.

I thought of this as well, but he has already had it. Was a nice easy tick at Nandos in Gatwick Airport for me :slight_smile:

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I made a special visit to one in Birmingham and just had the beer!


You’ve got a difficult list left there. Congrats for getting 90 countries!

May be obvious, but beer festivals are good for picking up Isle of Mann and Guernsey. Both of these may be represented at the GBBF and I’ve seen them at regional festivals as well.

Barbican Malt, a terrible N/A ‘beer’ is from UAE and can be found at many corner shops selling Middle Eastern goods.

Is it Bun House you mean? I’ve been meaning to go there as well.

It’s also possible to find Iranian N/As in the UK. Someone on these here forums found a couple of them in Birmingham.

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That’s the one.

Yes. Noticed there was an Iranian shop over the road from the Brum offices, although now moving to an office in the the City centre so better for beer.

White Rock (Guernsey) was supposed to start supplying beer to Waitrose. Has anybody seen it on the shelves?

That bun house looks ace. Will be in London for a brief visit in June so may have to call in.

For Luxembourg, the Stable chain has a couple of Ramborn ciders in. There’s one at 16-18 Whitechapel Rd.

In fact, there’s a couple from White Rock from Guernsey on at the Reading BF next weekend…

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Cheers everyone, some great tips here to help get my last ten. I haven’t actually been to GBBF for a few years and hadn’t really thought of it for Isle of Man or Guernsey, even though I remember making a point of using it to tick my last few counties one year. I might even have a chance to get to Reading.

A mate actually brought me an NA back from Iran not long ago, which was helpful. And it was a very pleasant surprise when Mozambique turned up in Nando’s a year or so ago!

I remember this being announced but still haven’t seen them in my local, though I rarely shop there to be honest.

If you’re ever in the Midlands, Isle of Man should be a relatively easy tick as Hooded Ram have bars in both Birmingham and Wolverhampton. Not been myself but one would assume they have their own beers on tap in both places.

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