European online stores with obscure country beers

I seem to remember someone (@YantarCoast ??) listing a number of EU based sites, African / Caribbean import food places etc… that sell obscure country beers, but I can’t find the post.

Does anyone recall the post, and where it is?


This one?

Mark posted this pre-Brexit though. Not sure if they still ship to UK…

EDIT: They don’t :frowning:

It was a different post, listing a number of different websites. I do know bienmanger. As long as the site posts to France, thats fine for me

Hi Mat,

I’ve looked through my messages for the past few years but can’t find anything. Although I do try to help my fellow raters pick up new country/region ticks, it is usually limited to one or two websites/fine establishments that I happened to have discovered.

Anyway, I hope someone finds the post in question.

Could it be one of these two?

This website might help you as well:

No neither of those posts, tho I will have another look at the bottleshop site.

Rather odd, either it’s been deleted or I dreamt it.

Dreaming of beers from obscure countries? That’s a bit of a worry!

I don’t know which page you’re talking about, but I can help you with some links to webshops. Hope it helps


Haven’t ordered from them (yet), but this was mentioned in a similar thread some time ago:

(as name indicates some Latin American ticks, located in Germany).

Amazing, thanks Marko. I have a friend who is after some specific French-speaking African countries, which I seem to remember are available within France. I can’t order to the UK (or send out), but I can to relatives in France, who can forward them on from there.

Will have a look!


Here’s one more:

Azerbaijan (located in Poland) - Piwo

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