Which beers despite being local can't you buy easily?

For me it’s Emporer’s Brewery. They are based in my county of Leicestershire but only available via one online outlet and sell out within minutes.

Can’t buy at the brewery?

No. Exclusive to hoptimism and sells out in seconds.

All (I think) his beers are one off batches, usually only 20 litres worth too which equates to roughly 50 bottles.

It was my third time of trying to get one of his beers. I managed to snag the latest release last night.
Logged in, address and cc pre-filled. Hammering F5 until it appeared, add to basket, checkout, done in 30 seconds, was sold out mere seconds later.

Hoptimism’s server scalability and stability is what Ratebeer’s wet dreams are made of.

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I’d say most of the 1-off releases here in San Diego can be had if you show up the afternoon of the release. People still line up early at some breweries, but you definitely don’t need to.

Other Half used to be like that, but I stopped going there to wait for a couple of hours in a line, so I don’t know how it is nowadays.

There is a “brewery”/bar/bottleshop here called Half Barrel. I go every few weeks to grab a brew and some bottles to go. Their system is very small and whenever they put out one of their own brews on tap it typically kicks rather quickly and I miss it. They release on weekends typically and i never go other than Fridays so the timing almost never works out. The beer probably isn’t anything special but still want

My little town has one brewery/brewpub - doesn’t do samples or half pints. So not easy for me.

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I think nothing sells out. I stop by a handful of times a year and they seem to have lots of fancy beer for sale. Though, I have no idea if I missed out on other more fancy beer.

At this point, I think I don’t know what I don’t know. I have no idea if I can’t get a beer or it has sold out. Not trying to be cocky but there are just way too many breweries and way too much beer. I am barely able to keep up with just adding breweries in my area to RB.

Sounds like an episode of Twilight Zone for beer geeks.

Any hyped lambiek.


Sori. They are basically Finnish brewery brewing in Estonia (for tax reasons), their tap room is in Helsinki, hence there are beers that are available only in Finland.

Põhjala is nowadays also releasing stuff that is not available in Estonia.