Admin note "Amundsen Brewery"

Hi. Was rating a couple of Amundsen Beers…and I saw this on his “Brewery Info”

First time notice this…Is it a personal message for me?..because I´m a happy boy drinking Amundsen beers :slight_smile:

The text is indeed in there under “admin note”, which I’d say shouldn’t be visible for non admins.

Can’t say much about the text itself, not sure why that would’ve been put in as an admin note.

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I don’t see this note when I go to

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Yeah, this is the reason It was so strange…I shouldn´t have any Admin privilege.

Mmmm…I don´t see it now either…seems to be fixed. Not a happy boy anymore :frowning:

I know why HA HA

from me to the brewer
he was…ehhh…hmm…we had a couple of arguments



…but then there was a “happy ending”!? :roll_eyes:

kind of happy ending :sunglasses::violin:

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