Another urgent Finland query

I am potentially going to run out of beers in Oulu (the pub with 20 taps is shut today)…

Teerenpeli is the only place with a range of beers that are Finnish. Asked about flights when I wad in there but my useless Finnish and the barmans slightly better English didn’t compute. Do Teerenpeili bars do flights? If so what are they called?

@Marko - jus cause you have the access to Finns.


Bartender at Graali has reminded me about St Michael which I had forgotten about.

Visit Mallassauna! They should have plenty of ticks from Hailuodon Panimo and I have heard its great place. Usually finnish bars dont do flights.
Howabout Cafe Rooster?


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Unfortunately Mallaskelleri was shut on Monday, as was Rooster’s cellar bar. Neither open til 14:00 on Saturday. Was hoping to visit around midday. Will negotiate a pink pass visit and visit one evening. Should be OK as long as I don’t ring up my wife and tell I am on a ferry to Sweden, “see you in 5 days,” this time.