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Any craft in Zakynthos?

Hey, any place in Zakynthos, Greece with craft beer? I know theres a micro called Levante but only with a lager/pils


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During your holidays in Zakynthos you have the opportunity to taste our Lager, our Bavarian Weisse, our Bruno Dark Lager or our San Petros red beer.

Been there in begining of August. There’s only Levante Beers. You can visit the shop within the brewery. They had about 5-6 bottled beers. Pils, dark lager, bock, wheat and IPA (my favourite). Otherwise, nothing else there.

Anything @gunnar ?

Visited way back,before any craft, UT is your best resource for finding places @cunningham

Never heard of @gunnar

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Hi, we had a boat in Lefkada 5 years ago or so and went around in the Archipelago. Added a few places. Might not be open any longer. Both RB and UT didn’t give much information for that area. There were actually many local beers all over place, actually Lefkada City - which was the biggest place in the area had the the least variety. I found most of the unique beers in wine bars and local food (greek delicacy, honey cakes, nuts bla bla) shops in tourist areas in small towns. @ IBURates62. If you are staying at hotel for longer time consider ordering a box of beer. I checked at greekbeershop.gr, but had to short time to figure it out.
Or/and have a word with @rouhlas if his up and around.

Stay safe / Thomas

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