Bermondsey cask beer festival

The new brewery in Partizan’s old arch, Affinity Brew Co, is hosting a cask festival over the weekend of April 7th-8th.

30 brewers from up and down the country taking part, each contributing two different cask beers, one for Saturday and one for Sunday.

If I read it right, Partizan is co-hosting at its new taproom, which makes sense cos you’d never get a stillage that size in Affinity’s arch unless you threw out all the seating, the people, and probably the brewkit too… :grin:

Tickets are a fiver per day, which covers glass, programme and your first half. Then it’s £5 a pint. Is there a discount on Sunday if you already have a glass from Saturday? I have no idea!

You can buy tickets online here: - I’d have mine already if they hadn’t arranged it for the middle of my blasted hols… :confounded:

The 2019 edition of this Cask Beer Festival is today, Sat 16th March - is anyone else from here going? I have an afternoon ticket.

There’s an event page on Facebook here:

It is sold-out, though!

But there’s people selling off spare tix on the Facebook page.

@BeerViking, was it any good?


Weird venue in a set of railway arches, with water dripping down in places and (of course) not enough seating. Good service and some great beer, albeit some of it a little lacking in condition. I enjoyed it, and will happily go again.

Cheers @BeerViking, thanks for replying.


Read quite a bit of mixed feedback on twitter, plenty of positive but also quite a few complaints about the condition of the beer.

They’ve suggested they’ll be holding a ‘Cask North’ and a ‘Cask USA’ in the near future too.

From subsequent conversations, it seems that at least some of the beers were racked off bright, so brewery-conditioned rather than cask-conditioned. I can see this may be a necessary compromise in some cases - you can get a few bright beers at CAMRA local festivals too - but it may also explain some of the condition issues.