Bodegas Cuava Marianer

I just purchased this beer:

It took me a while to find it because the bottle actually features the logo and address for Zeta.

When I took a closer look there is reference to Bodegas Cuava:

Not speaking Spanish I wonder if:

  1. Bodegas Cuava should be changed to a Commissioner and this beer, if not the other beers, have Zeta added as the contract brewer? The current brewery listing doesn’t have an address or anything so all can be found here:

  2. Or should these beers be transferred to Zeta. Do Bodegas Cuava just supply the grapes? I took a look on BC’s website and not convinced there’s any reference to beers.

  3. Looks like this beer should be a Sour/Wild - Flavored? And similarly this should be Pale Ale - Flavored: And this is a Saison - Flavored:

Dear BeardedAvenger,
According to Birrapedia data, it is a Fruit beer o Grape Ale

This beer has been developed in Zeta Beer brewery