Brew History Wiki Page: UK Breweries

I came across this page the other day. It’s not very user friendly because it just lists the breweries for each county by name. I went to the brewpub in the bowling alley at Bracknell back in the day but had not realised how many brewpubs, etc, there were around in the late 90’s/early 00’s but I was barely out of nappies. Three in Woking at on point. Not sure when Ratebeer first started so possibly a number that never made it on to here back in the day.

Also, being CAMRA oddballs they refuse to recognise modern county boundaries.

Some work gone into that list and still being updated by the looks.

"Not sure when Ratebeer first started "

" RateBeer launched in 2000 as a platform for beer lovers to share opinions on beers and beer-drinking establishments."

But coverage wasn’t immense at the start. :slight_smile:

I joined Oct 11, 2001 and I was only # 1966

Only looked at Lincolnshire but a fair number of brewers are missing from these. And so many I have never heard of. Amazing to see so much detail of all those breweries.

I was wondering how many breweries that closed in the early 2000s failed to make it onto rate beer so took a look at my local counties.

I see that the Firkin pubs were all closed down by 1999. In fact a number of brewpubs seemed to have shut down that year.


Alchemy, Hersham. 1998 – 2001.

Boston Experience (brewpub), Woking. 1999 – 2004

Hale & Hearty @ Ball and Whicket (brewpub), Upper Hale. 1996 – 2000. The brewer went on to the Boston Experience and then returned to the Ball and Wicket to establish brewing again, this time as Farnham Brewery.

HG Wells Planets Brewery / Brooklands Brewery, Woking. 1996-2000.

BERKSHIRE – a whole load of Oxfordshire breweries are listed under Berkshire so less missing than I thought.

Reading Lion at The Hop Leaf (brewpub), Reading. 1994 – 2001


Buckland, Portsmouth. 1999-2000

Laverstock Park Farm. The beers are on RB as being brewed at Hepworth but apparently there was brewing on the farm commencing in 2008?

Old Chapel, Gosport. 1999 – 2001

Packhorse, Ashford, Kent, and then Southsea. 1998 – 2003

Soldier’s Return (brewpub), Basingtoke. 2007 only.