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BUG Cyrillic characters displayed as question marks

On the Recent Activity screen, Cyrillic characters (Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, etc) are displayed as question marks.

Not just Cyrillic but all kinds of characters are causing problems, even question marks themselves are being displayed as “@p0

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Yep, and all french accents for the messages, either under Safari on Mac or Chrome on Windows… @vduquerroux @services


Shocking, character problems. Never ending story I guess

Even with the newest layout they don’t have a clue how to fix it :expressionless:

Say no more… Sample from My beerstyles:


Hoping thats should be easy to resolve @services

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And, it is not always that easy to add a beer!

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Which page is this from? Looking at nilsas' from Bryne user profile and beer ratings | RateBeer.com and it looks to render those styles correctly?

Services @ RateBeer

I’m trying to find which page exactly he is referring too, but I found in the meantime that each page loading with a different time period selected with the SELECT TIME option have the characters bug.

Okay this particular scenario should be resolved now. Looks like quite a bit of the legacy site doesn’t respect UTF-8… I’ll have to go through and update the pages so it does.

Services @ RateBeer

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