Cgarvieuk is on his shine box

as they seem quite quiet

I’m wondering… what would happen if we open them up to the world? What happens when unregistered users visit?


i had to log in again for this site. so im assuming an account needed. anonymous posting probably a bad idea

Same here, i had to log in again. I guess that really few people check out this forums yet. Till both are merged i think they will continue like this. And yes, unregistered visitors may not be so good.

Can we seriously change every thread title, or is it something that others don’t see?

till someone tries to be funny :grin:
i like we can, and your right ive gone to town. i like new ones and have been trying everything out as well as trying to start discussion threads

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@cgarvieuk yeah I like playing around with all the new funtionality! :frog:

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Hey so we can also reply by email? That’s fun! :sunglasses:

except my email reply bounced with unknown recipient :cry:


and yes that is a full sentence you grammar Ratebeer robot!

I like I can now edit posts…


Serious beer drinkers would probably be turned off by the juvenile jocularity.

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