Egham beer festival #39

6-8th April, I see @BlackHaddock may be there - anyone else? And which days? Don’t think I can make it before the Friday, unfortunately, due to family & work.

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I am going. As is @imdownthepub. However both going on the Thursday.

Oops, I hope you enjoyed it…

I’ve been trying to find out if the club is dog-friendly.

And why I didn’t get notified sooner of your reply!

I don’t think it is dog friendly. I certainly have never seen one in there.

It’s not shown as such on Whatpub either. :confused: I’d better take him for a really long walk first!!

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Definitely with I’d caught up with you guys! The beer ran get is as good as ever, but last time I was here they sold thirds too, but this time it’s halves & pints only, so it’s a bit more volume than I planned for… :woozy_face: No refunds on the glassware now, either. :man_shrugging:

You still see people with their own third of a pint glasses. The one time I asked one ofnthese people about it they ignored me. The previous two events I an arrangement with the guys on the outside. They gave me a quarter of a pint and the only chsrged me for every other half. Although that was when it was less vusy and they could see me pouring away beer.

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Yes, there’s a few others here who -like me- have brought an extra glass. But the bar staff I asked said it’s halves only, so having 2 glasses is just saving me a trip to the bar.

It’d be easier being able to share a half with someone else, but for now I will drink my beer and get some writing done! :beers:

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We were buying pints then divided them up into thirds in our own glasses, this was on the stronger beers anyway. The entry fee of £6 was a little steep I thought, but the beers were generally in good condition.

That pretty much echoes my thinking - if I have to buy halves, I’d prefer to then split them 2 ways! And yes, a bit steep - especially with no glass refunds.