Euro Secret Santa 2020

You want it. You have it!

It’s that time of the year again. You know the rules

  • Send at least 3 liters of good, rateable beers from your country, which have not been rated by your recipient yet (and are not available in recipient’s country, when possible)

  • Some Santa likes to put snacks, beer mats, glasswares, magazines. Make it special!

  • Post your haul and remember to mention/thank your Santa when rating.

  • Rate the received beers on Ratebeer.

  • Don’t forget to leave a trade feedback when you have discovered who your Santa is.

  • You have minimum 50 ratings and no negative trade feedback. If you have no trade experience, send me a BM. We are always happy to welcome new people.

Subscription ends on 27/11.

To apply, send me a BM with:

  • address, email, mobile (for contact reasons)
  • likes and dislikes
  • If you wish to send to EU only or EU+Norway&Switzerland.

Don’t spoil your participation here!

On a side note, we know there’s a minimum amount of liters to send, but if possible it would be better to send 10 x 33cl than 4 x 75cl. I just want to avoid sending a “compensation box” again :wink:

Please make sure to write all those pending trade feedback you have. I will check your last 12 months’ trade history to set the best possible pairings, so it would be very helpful if everyone has that section of the profile up-to-date. Chase your trade partners if they haven’t left you a trade feedback yet.

As we want everyone to partecipate, I’d ask people from Germany / The Netherlands if they’d have the option to represent a nearby country (Belgium/Luxembourg/Austria/Poland/France) if needed.

Stay safe!

Applications are closed. I said I would have set pairing by Sunday, Monday the latest, but I am ready.

So, expect to receive your sender’s info soon. This way you can start shopping this evening (Black Friday everyone?) or during the weekend.


Check your inbox. I sent a BM to all of you here on the forum.

Deadline to send beers is December the 11th.

Once you receive your box, post your haul here and try to guess who your Santa is. If everyone got his trade section updated, I think this time we have a 90% rate of new pairings. And a 0% rate of pairings with people you swapped with in the last 12 months.

For questions or doubts, feel free to contact me anytime!

Santa :santa:

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Two boxes already sent, one will be tomorrow or Friday.

Check your BM for your recipient’s info if you haven’t yet. :santa:

Seven boxes sent. I think we will see the first hauls posted here in a couple of days. :santa:

Here´s the first haul for this round :grinning:

I received today a fantastic box from Strasbourg (France) :fr:

Popihn / Zoobrew The Stick of Truth
La Montagnarde Foison
Bendorf Le Mal Des Ardents
Bières Taal Goozeille
Fauve Haut et Fort
La P’tite Maiz / Senses Brewing Pinata Colada
Les Brasseurs du Grand Paris Dark Sea Porter
Azimut Sour Ale Cerise & Coco
IRON Gose Betterave Passion
Les Intenables Mrs Artemis
Effet Papillon E*P French Saison & Brettanomyces Bruxellensis Trois Vrai
PRIZM Find Yourself a Backdoor


  • 3 Homebrews (Imperial Stout, Barley Wine and a Triple Fruited Pastry Sour Kveik IPA with Vanilla)
  • Coasters from french breweries
  • Bottle Opener
  • A Glass from Perle unfortunately smashed during the transport

My Santa is @AssKicker (Gaël)

Thank you very much!

Cheers :beers:


Damned, sorry for the glass… :cry:

I hope you will enjoy these beers ! :smiley:

Parcel arrived today! I’ll post the pictures tomorrow - and have still no clue who my Santa is :beers: :poland:

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A very interesting shaped parcel arrived via DHL yesterday from :poland:

And the content is fantastic:

13 nice beers and a great looking bottle of Mead! Plus sweets and nuts.
Thank you :poland: :santa: - just need a bit more time to figure out who you are :beers:


@Erzengel t’was me :wink:
Sorry for the large amount of Pilseners and Weizens, but you stated in your preferences that you prefer very regional beers. All the beers from Browar Wirtuozeria, Borwar Wawrzyniec and Browar Zarzecze are located within about 20 km’s of where I live. Unfortnately they don’t do any “new wave” styles, so that’s the reason for the large amount of “old school” styles :wink:
The Pinta beer is also distributed regionally.
The “Tropical Wild” beer is a limited edition that was produced for the occasion of the Brewer’s 5th anniversary and is limited to 4120 bottles.
The mead is only available at one of pottery shops in Bolesławiec, I was there the other day and thought it would be a nice item for the exchange. I’m relieved that it didn’t break on the way. :joy:

I hope you enjoy your beers. Cheers!


No problem! The “regional factor” was much more important for me as I like to try beers that are local and have a very small distribution range :beers: So thank you so much for this great parcel!


My box arrived a few days ago and didn’t have time to post it before. What an amazing selection from the UK even Mince pies for Christmas experience. Awesome. Thank you so much I am still not sure who this could be :uk: :crazy_face: :grinning:


Today I received a box from my Secret Santa in Slovakia :slight_smile:

A great selection of 13 beers, one beermalade and a letter with notes on the beers. Really looking forward to share these beers with my brothers on Christmas. Really interesting sounding beers included.

From Left to right:

Bernard Jantarový Ležák 12° / Amber Lager / Řezaný Ležák - Polotmavy Tick!
Hellstork Kraken IPA 15° - a Black IPA, way too rare these days.
Hellstork Dežko 12°
ŽiWELL Queen Of Ales 14°
Crazy Clown God Is Dead - sounds really interesting.
Šilker’s Nachmelene Vianoce
Šilker’s / Beermalade Sour Cherry Forest - collab with my santa himself :wink:
Šilker’s Xmas Edition 2020
Jama Nerob Rybe Zle 10,5°
Jama Craft Adam #1 - wtf? really interested to try this; spontaneously fermented with cucumbers and figs and aged 6 months in wine barrels.
Jama Sekne Ti to!
ŽiWELL Mosaic Fling

Curious to try the beermalade as well. Thanks a lot to my Santa @Cuso - Cheers!


Ho ho ho! I am your English Santa :santa::santa::santa: Hope you enjoy the beers, and the mince pies!


I hope, you will enjoy beers. :slight_smile:
BTW last beer on left is

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Oh yeah, forgot to include it in the list :sweat_smile:

Thanks again. Any info on how to enjoy the beermalade best? Simply on a bread?

Bread, biscuits, rolls, but also with pancakes, or as dip or marinade for meat, vegetables. Try it with pancakes, ideal pairing. :slight_smile:

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:de: Santa was generous this year! 16 bottles as well as some Lebkuchen. A nice mix of traditional German styles and some tasty looking IPAs. New breweries for me too. Safely packed and tasty looking.

As for who my santa was, since lots of the beers are from Rheinland-Pfalz, my guess is @rhoihessegold . Am I correct? :beers:


I enjoyed dipping cheese cubes in it with a beer.
It’s good stuff!

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Nope not my package though this looks tasty as well :wink:

There is another big RB rater from Rhinland-Palatinate active.