Hardywood Gingerbread Stout in stores now

I didn’t make it down this year (went to Novemberfest instead). The beer is still really good, but now that even local grocery stores seem to get palates of these… I can pass.

However, for anyone interested, it looks like they’re doing a number of official variant releases each week:

Bourbon Barrel GBS Release, Nov 11, 2017 1-10PM
Rum Barrel GBS Release, Nov 18, 2017 1-10PM
Apple Brandy GBS Release, Nov 25, 2017 1-10PM
Christmas Morning & Rye Whisky Barrel GBS Release, Dec 02, 2017 1-10PM
Kentucky Christmas Morning Release, Dec 09, 2017 1-10PM
Double Barrel GBS Release, Dec 16, 2017 1-10PM

Not sure if I’ll be able to make it to any of these. I will be in the Northern Neck on the 25th and 2nd, but it’s still a bit of a drive.

Facebook users are reporting that Bourbon Barrel GBS is available in stores such as Trader Joe’s.

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huh. That’s pretty sweet

For the NOVA/DC folks:

The Apple Brandy GBS Release was at Barrel and Bushel (in Tysons) this past monday. Super bummed about missing it.

Dec 18 they are releasing Double Barrel GBS and Monday Dec 25th they are releasing Kentucky Christmas Morning. They’re a hotel bar, so that’s why they’re open on the 25th.

I’m pretty sure I grabbed the last 2 bottles of Christmas morning from the Tysons Trader Joes. Hardywood’s beer finder is pretty useful, but it doesn’t remove locations that already sold out so you should consider calling ahead of time.

The Tysons location said they were probably going to be getting Kentucky Christmas Morning bottles early next week.

I have a source for a Kentucky CMGBS. If it pans out, will save for us

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Will probably hit up B&B on the 18th around 6-ish to try the Double Barrel, thanks for the heads up Chris!

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I’ll have to play Monday by ear, but I’m siding on actually showing up at B&B, aiming for the same time as you Donnie.

I poured half a shot of Apple Brandy in my glass of GBS on December 2nd. Does that count as a rating? :thinking:


Barrel and Bushel appears to have updated the Double Barrel GBS event to be on January 1st. The description still says today, but I’ll go with the date they included.

I’m hoping to make it to the Jan 1st event if anyone else is interested.

are these good? Frankly, I never even heard of the brewery till moving out here and didn’t know about this series of beers till now.

I think it’s a pretty solid regional beer and my go-to Christmas season beer aside from Anchor Christmas as one I drink many many times between November and January.

The variants are currently pretty well sought after. Christmas Morning is really really good. I’ve heard other good things about other variants.

Local VA and NOVA Facebook beer groups have been pretty much only talking about these beers for the last 3 weeks. That could be homerism, but no other beer/beer-series gets this kind of attention there

4 of the top 15 beers tagged with Christmas are Hardywood GBS or it’s variants.

Id say a little gimmicky personally but they at least do a good job. Wouldnt be a beer i would opt for the million variant treatment.