Heineken H41

Oh my gosh. Just tried Heineken H41 with the Saccharomyces eubayanus that apparently was the yeast from which lager yeast (Saccharomyces pastorianus) was developed, and which has been lost to science for over 100 years, and has just been found wild in a Patagonian forest. So Heineken make a lager from it and it tastes like a Saison or a Tripel. It tastes like a warm fermented beer, though it was - allegedly - cold fermented.

That must be one mother of a fast acting yeast to produce this many esters on a cold fermentation! And that’s probably why it was used to generate the lager brewing yeast in the first place.

If it tastes this fruity and spicy on a cold fermentation, I wonder what it would taste like on a hot fermentation!

If you’ve not tried this yet - you’ve got to give it a go. This will broaden your horizon and knowledge about beer. I really thought that only a hot fermentation could produce this flavour. While the accepted notion is that it is the yeast that determines beer character, I had developed a few that environment was more important, but this clearly proves that yeast is king!

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