Home-based beer events during lockdown (and beyond!)

Currently participating in a Wycombe museum online lecture/chat called “Beer, wine and gin: which is the best historic event”. (sorry my fellow Wycomber @Theydon_Bois, only heard about it at the last moment so couldn’t let you know).

This is to replace their normal annual marquee-based event where they have free drinks provided by local brewers. Obviously we have to provide our own beers. I’m on a Thundercloud from Firebrand.

Anyone else found any interesting beery lockdown events?

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Well I intend to participate in my “Black Beer Friday” next week as usual. Previous years have involved visiting as many pubsa as possible, but obviously this year will be different.

Last night I had a mini-tasting with myself, 5 x 330ml bottles/cans. Random selection with beers from Derbyshire, Berkshire, Ireland, Bavaria and a Polish/French collaboration.

Red Leicester and Leerdam cheese, before some Terry’s Chocolate Orange slices (for the Chocolate Orange Pastry Stout I finished on) being my munches.


Didn’t want to share them anyway, so quite happy to be having my own ‘Lock In’ party.


My wife and I usually share the beers I buy, and while I’m the main beer nerd in the house I try to find things she’d like. It’s a nice thing for us to do of an evening, and it means we can hit the big beers on a weeknight as we’re only drinking half each.

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This is where I struggle, wife just isn’t interested in beer. I’ve got a cellar full of 750s and while I don’t mind solo-ing the odd one (in fact, I enjoy it) it does put me off drinking them as a matter of course.

My wife of 43 years likes beer (and wine) and we’ve had some lovely boozy holidays over the years. Our home tasting sessions are usually together, but every so often she’ll let me go solo and refrain from drinking herself, which is what happened the other evening.


As pubs are shut and we havent seen anyone recently we’ve invited a few people, one at a time for tastings round ours over lockdown. Get to share some big bottles, have some nibbles, and dust off a few ‘special’ bottles hidden away. My partner hates beer in general, but does like a nice lambic or sour. It has to be an exceptional lambic though, else she’ll just pour it into my glass.