How about a Off-topic - Unratable forum?

Hi Guys

While SinH4 and I were trying to make alkoholfree radler drinkable by adding hot sauce to it yesterday evening, we
were talking about that it could be fun to have a corner on the site where we could post less serious ratings on things which traditionally are unratable on RateBeer, like ice wines, Kombocha, alcohol free Radlers, terrible malternatives, weird beer cocktails, milk, vinegar etc.

Since we have a bit more flexibility with the forums now we could perhaps make a new sub-forum, say under Off-topic. The idea would be to start a thread in that forum perhaps with a rating-template of some sort and give other people the opportunity to add their own reviews on the same/similar item or just comment on it.

What do you think, would that be a fun thing?

  • Yes I want a place where I can rate nonsense
  • No this is a terrible idea that is going to destroy Ratebeer
  • Eh I don’t care either way

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I’d put this very very low on my list of updates I want for this site.

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I certainly would not want to divert any serious resources for this either, but I am pretty sure creating a new forum is just a small configuration change at this point. Everything else is up to the users.

this would actually be almost no effort at all. it’s just a new forum just like any regional. dedicated to discussing any unrateable products be it whisky, ginger beer or home brew

Why wouldn’t you just put this in OTL? I guess if the forum becomes swamped with RateWeirdShit than a new forum could be made, but as of right now it’s not like we’re getting 50 new threads/day in OTL. Start a RateMilk thread and see if it gets traction.

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that works. but a dedicated forum just for whack ratings means their easier to find etc. but yeah no reason ehy not use otl as is

Use OTL with topic tags so that you can search for them!