How is your COVID-19 beer budget?

Someone ask that question on a Facebook beer page, how much your beer purchasing has changed since the outbreak?

I’m fortunate that I’m still working (at a supermarket), so I still have a steady income, therefore my beer budget has not change. Plus, all beer stores in Quebec are still open.

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gasoline savings alone have enhanced my beer budget - but not a biggie because I’m obliterating all the beers I acquired for trade but never found anyone to take. :slight_smile:

BRILLIANT! :face_with_monocle:

Well gas prices have lowerd a lot here!

It’s not the prices - everywhere I’d drive is “closed”! Haven’t bought gas in 2 weeks.

I’m trying to use the quarantine as a reason to drink through my overcrowded cellar, so I pretty much bought nothing this month.


The fact that money is a bit tight now is the only thing that’s keeping me from becoming a full-blown alcoholic.

I’m taking April as my annual “no beer month,” so no beer buying for me.

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My budget has not changed, but I will certainly be spending less, as I can no longer go to bars and breweries. Accordingly, I am buying more four packs from breweries close by to me and drinking one or two of those beers a day, as opposed to going out on a Saturday and having 14 4oz pours.

No pub visits these days but I drink more bottles at home, alone. I guess my budget is about the same, too much :money_with_wings::grimacing:

As a teacher on a contract, my budget remains unchanged, however, I have little selection around me and going to buy anything outside of macros and a few select not so tasty local things, would require 2-3 hours of travel to stores that aren’t having normal operations, therefore, I am using this as a time to basically wipe out my cellar excluding things I purposely want to save. Started at around 210 bottles and down to to 130. Would like to have it down to 20-25 by June then restock accordingly on my summer trips should they still happen. I have not purchased beer at all in 2020, save for one visit to a local beer bar back in February.

We’re at a $1.58 as of yesterday. I filled up my car from empty last week for under $23 and I fully expect that tank to last me through May.

Dirt cheap! I just payed about $60 to fill up my German VW Touran here in Norway.

I am working from home so no issues in terms of employment and I am saving a lot of money. Petrol, 2-3 coffees, breakfast and lunch not being bought at work.

My issue is not the budget but more that there is only so many parcels of beer my wife will tolerate and only so much I can drink self-isolating with a wife and 4 year old.

$2.30 per gal gas in Idaho still, beer budget has tightened up a little.

Got $1.399/gal gas at Costco in Minnesota last week - been a loooong time since I’ve bought gas that cheap.

With bars closed, haven’t paid stupid 1 dollar+ per ounce prices for beers in over a month.
Just spent around 250 on beer yesterday, but that will be split up between 5 people.

I’m a pub person, and all the pubs are closed. I can get growlers from some, and tins and bottles from some. Usually I buy the tins and bottles so I can have it when I want. Nobody is refilling growlers, and I have limited beer storage for empty growlers. I guess I am paying less. But I miss having a pint and watching the match of the day.

Funnily enough in the UK some outlets (well, two in Reading at least) have got hold of empty Grolsch fliptop bottles so they can sell small amounts from tap.

As before, it’s not really the budget that’s struggling but as most of my drinking is at Pubs and Beer Festivals, by drinking at home the wife is beginning to notice how much gets swilled, so I am having to be more careful and sneaker so as not to arouse suspicion of exactly how much is being consumed.