In Belgrade but not listed as being there


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Salto Pivo

has an address in Belgrade, but isn’t listed there:

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macOS 13.3.1 (a) , Firefox 113.0.2

That’s because it’s not been added as a place. You can add it.

duh! thanks :slight_smile:

I’m in Belgrade this coming Sunday … worth a visit is it?

i won’t be there until August, so you tell me! :slight_smile:

gotcha … will do … I’ve only got a 6 hour window so will see if it fits our plans

having just Googled it on a map … looks like it’s a good bit out of the centre, so by the nature of our relatively short stop in Belgrade, I doubt we will head out there

It’s not listed on Places as it’s a production brewery without a taproom that doesn’t advertise that visits or even tours are possible anywhere, and out of xy people that rated the place on Google, only one appears to have been at the brewery. It’s questionable that sales are possible on the location.

Please don’t add production breweries to Places until you ascertain that they are open for the public, thank you.


Yeah … competely pointless adds … a few of them about