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Hi guys,

I picked up a bottle of this Serbian beer a couple of days ago: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/jagodinsko-pivo/18617/

The label says that it’s brewed and bottled by Valjevo Brewery. No mention of “under licence”.

Did a bit of digging on the internet, but all I could find (in English) was this from 2019:

“Apart from producing it, the Valjevo Brewery will also distribute Jagodisnko beer, the portal CentralMedia.rs reports. This is light beer in 0.5 and 0.33-liter bottles. At the beginning of the year, the Jagodina brewery, which was undergoing receivership, was sold for RSD 50 million to Jagodina-based company XTRADE. There have been unofficial announcements that production would be resumed two years after it was discontinued, however, it is evident that this would have required huge investments, since the technology dates back to the beginning of the past century, which entails high costs. It is unknown whether the buyer of the Jagodina Brewery sold the brand of Jagodinsko beer to the Valjevo brewery or if the service was contracted.”

Read the Serbian Wikipedia page about the brewery too, but nothing there either.

Has anything else emerged regarding Jagodina Brewery? Perhaps we should at least indicate that Jagodinsko is brewed at Valjevo here on RB?

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I remember this story, I think I talked to @ippopotamo36 about it - but we never followed up, I guess waiting for a clearer article. Completely forgot about it and thanks for bringing it up!

It is indeed brewed in Valjevo from what I can see in Serbian-language articles. The Jagodinska brewery stopped brewing mid-2017, was purchased by this Brauerei Group in early 2019, which (re)started production at Valjevo in August 2019.

What remains to be seen, however, is if it IS actually the same beer, and not just a brand transfer. Could you please drop a picture of the front and back label so I can check some other things too? There is a possibility a new entry might need to be made - they are clearly bullshitting about the recipe being from 1852 and the ABV is different.

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Alright, Alberto messaged me and said the recipe is allegedly the same as before (though it’s still not the same from 1852 :smiley: ) , the beer has some minor differences, maybe due to plant peculiarities - not enough to warrant a split I’d guess (though the old one certainly had house character). For now, it stays like this - just moved to Valjevska, feel free to rate it.

Worst case scenario - we find out it had actually changed and I need to do some minor admin work. Oh no! :joy:

Please drop the pics anyway if you can! :smiley:


Here’s the front and the neck. There isn’t anything on the back except the importer’s label. No best before date either :neutral_face:

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