Looking for beers that are similar to this

Hi all,

I am very very new to craft beer and my country (craft) does not import that many amount of craft beer, at least for a fair price.

I tried this beer (https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/big-island-caldera-red-sea-of-cacao/314070/) when I was overseas and feel in love. It tasted so much like caramel and chocolate but not overwhelming like some of the coffee/mocha beers I’ve tried (Cant remember the names)

I never thought of buying beers that are the same “type” till recently. So I bought the only red ale that the nearest shop had to offer, which was a “Brewdog 5am saint” and it tasted totally different.

I was wondering what beers do you guys think would taste similar or what kinda beers I should look out for.

Thank you!

Looks like you are looking an Imperial Red ale with cocoa nibs and molasses that is also available in your area. That’s a pretty niche product. Not sure where you live but I would go into a good local beer store (feel free to look over the RB maps - https://www.ratebeer.com/beermap) to find one. Tell them what you liked and that your looking from a similar big Red ale with sweet adjuncts, especially chocolate. You don’t want a coffee beer since that will provide a very different and usually stronger flavor as opposed to cocoa nibs.

Good luck hunting