Millstone Cellars - closed?

Google says that Millstone is permanently closed.

Latest Yelp review (July 14th) says that they tried to go during open business hours but the place was locked.

Website is down. Social media has been quiet since April on Instagram and Twitter and since May on Facebook. No notices about their closure. Visitor post on Facebook says something about seeing a Foreclosure sign, that was back in August.

It makes me think it had to have been sudden since in my experience, places like to try to burn off all inventory (merchandise and product) and at least let people know they’ve closed. This place just went entirely radio silent which is really peculiar.

Now this one is a surprise. Damn good products.

Looks like they got involved in a move - perhaps things went South.

Not the best, or the worst cidery. I would have bet that his son’s place, Graft, would shut down first.

Wait, what? Is Graft having issues?

Yeah, what’s up with that?

I was hoping this wasn’t true and waiting it out. I checked in late July as well and it was dead over there. Still plenty of their cider on the selves, which explains a lot of the issue.

Interesting that they are moving several states away. Still curious about that Graft comment though. @MicroGrog

Sorry for the scare. I just took Millstone for a better product. Advertising aside, I would have put my money on Graft to lose it.

Advertising beats quality, see e.g. Budweiser. But, seriously, I have not seen any advertising from either of them, and Graft has some good stuff. Or at least very interesting stuff. Still not sure why you would think Graft would go under before Millstone. I see you are a serious cider guy, and so I can really respect why you would prefer Millstone’s products to Graft’s, but in my experience the ratio of people who praise (let alone mention) Millstone to Gaft is like 1:20.