Mini tasting on July 27th?

I’m about 95%. What time are we gonna go? Here’s what I’d bring:
RAR Strap-Ons
Wylam Powerhouse collabs 001, 007 and 008
De Moersleutel Two Years Dinner
Aslin Kodiak Mountain
450 North Bahama Mamama Slurpy
Maybe something else

Anytime from 6 on is fine from me… we’ll say 6:30 official.

If anyone needs address, message me.


Night Shift Krakatoa
Salamander Black IPA poland
Riedenburger brauhaus dolden Bock
A bunch of Ecuadorian ticks
De Dolle Evil Arabier
urban south coopd up
Provda Trudeau -ukrainian canadian tribute
Provda Trump - Ukrainian Mexican imperial lager hahahah
Dieu du ciel Saison du parc
if anybody needs Venezuela there’s a tick here for you as well courtesy of my better half

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Is @dclawyer still alive by the way? In jail himself??


Solo Skotidi and Black Raven La Mort Rouge 2016 will also be coming with me.

I should be able to get out there by 6:30. I’ll bring:

16 oz can Ocelot Olé
16 oz can Bluejacket Runaway
16 oz can Bluejacket Dime-Store Alchemy
16 oz can Aslin / Southern Grist Predictable Patterns
16 oz can Aslin Moonshield

How many people do we have coming?

[EDIT: Finalized list]

Not really sure. I’ve just heard from you, Nimbleprop, Beastiefan so far, so don’t really know.

@GenDV138 has been uncharacteristically quiet, as has @dclawyer

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I’ll probably be there around 7:30 or so.

Bruery Terreux Black & Blue & Red All Over With Vanilla
Commonwealth Tiki Vibez
Oliver 3 Lions Ale - Rum Barrel
South County Cosmic Nod
South County Dark Thread
Stable 12 Sugar Coated Pony Kisses

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I’ll bring a couple of Other Half beers
Standard Brewing from Seattle
2 other beers that I can’t remember right now
I’ll get some Delaware growlers

I’ll be there a bit later, closer to 8.

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I’ve made a spreadsheet with all the beers so far. Don’t worry about adding too much detail at this point, just wanted to give everyone an immediate snapshot of all the beers, in one single place.

I just picked up a howler of beer made with Gatorade. What will they think up next?b

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I think Betsy and I will be able to make it down though a little on the later side. We’ll bring some mead and a few other fun things.

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Beer with whale testicles? Oh, wait…

Bad rain delaying us in Bmore.

Only a bit of a sprinkle here right now

ETA is 830-9 if that’s not too late.

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No problem, we are still just getting started

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Good times and good beers thanks for hosting I apologize for falling asleep, again.

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Josh, thanks again for hosting. See you guys again soon.

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I wasn’t sure I was going to survive the morning after.

Thanks for hosting!!!

Did I miss a tasting?