Multiple brewery fields should be allowed (both "regular" and contract breweries)

Ratebeer only allows one brewer and one contract brewer to be selected. That used to be completely fine and okay way back when, with very few outliers. Now, in the age of collabs and exactly the same beers brewed and multiple locations, we just don’t reflect the world well. In fact, we do it rather badly, with equally responsible brewers in a ton of cases being left out, with the beer they helped brew not counting for them. Say, when two collaborating gypsy brewers brew at a third brewery, one will always, without exception be left out. Etc.

We simply cannot reflect the real world anymore with this system and we’ve fallen back with the times. We need to be able to select multiple brewers for beers. And multiple contract brewers for beers brewed at several locations perhaps (say, client brewers from the US brewing their beers in one brewery for the West Coast and in another for the East Coast).

In cases where one is clearly more “relevant” for the beer, there should be a main brewer entry, instead of a co-brewer entry.

Might be tricky to implement, especially in regards with stats, but say, those where there’s a “main brewery” instead of “co-breweries” would count only for that country etc.

It’s certainly something that needs to be done in my opinion.


That is something that should have been implemented long ago…

Instead, with lost the Contracted / Brewed by separation in the Brewer’s listing and now with the new layout we also lost the Contracted brewer mention in the beer page as well.

And collaborations entries are just a mess, they are only visible on 1 brewer (often, we don’t even know in which brewer it should be entered), so many duplicates because of this… and adding all the names of the brewers in the beer name just makes the entry ridiculous and not in the right place in the alphabetical listing of the brewer because of the “/” .
It would be better if there wasn’t the brewer name in the beer name IMO, but with a linked brewer name included with the beer name.

I suggested a while ago to at least recognize Collaborations by entering them as reverse Contracted to (because like in Sports, the brewery that receives a brewer for collaboration gives them the honour of the beer) so this way it would at least show on 2 brewers (most collabos are are between 2 brewers anyway). But it wasn’t received very well because it messed stats.