Request / Suggestion: Make collabs clickable

What if we made adding collaborations more written into the system rather than just doing this format:

Budweiser / Miller - Pissing Together

What I mean is when you enter a new beer in the system, you could also add a collab the same way you can enter a contract beer currently. That way, somewhere in the system, you could see all the beers that your favourite breweries have popped up in collabs around the world. Also, instead of just a link to the brewery where it was actually brewed, you could also see a link to the collab brewery on an individual beer’s page.

I realize the website guys are probably busy doing more important things, but this would be cool. Especially if a revamp of the beer entry page ever includes possibility of entering tags when you enter a new beer.

These kinds of things will help us be better than untappd.


Yeah we all wish we could to that. Being able to add more than a brewer for collab, as well as contract brew would be the solution.

I suggested a while ago to enter 2-brewer collabs as a “reverse contracted to” so the invited brewer for the collab brew would have the beer listed in its page and the receiving brewer would also be listed…unlike the beer only being listed in the receiving brewer right now.

This would at least make the beer appear in both brewer page for the moment, with hope of a better solution in the future…

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The concept should be to let the beer be with the brewery that brews the beer. Collab is fun, but unless both breweries brew their own version, why should a brewery get “credit” for a beer it didn’t brew?

Some “collaboration” is little more than just the exchange of a couple of tweets. There are examples of a client brewer (often called a gypsy, but not actually a gypsy) “collaborating” with another client brewer (again, often called a gypsy, but not).

The problem is that currently there is no reasonable way to find the collabs. Let’s say you want to find Põhjala collabs. Searching “/ Põhjala” should do the trick in theory… but it doesn’t. Basically there is no easy way to find the collabs without scrolling through all the search results.

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Sure, but this is a sight which highlights statistics above all, and any improvement on figuring out more information about a particular beer would be a benefit. Being able to click directly on any featured brewery would be great. IMDB does this for actors, movies etc - you can click on every actor and director in a movie to take you to their page. Having this for beer would be great. Maybe on the breweries’ beer list you could have a “collabs” tab to click, which would should you all the collabs by alphabetical order. Kind of like the different tabs for Germany, US, Canada, England in your own beer countries list or whatever. And I wouldn’t say it’s equal credit, but they certainly did something or they wouldn’t be there.

Well right now you can do that (you can click the link to the Brewer right below the beer name) just not for Collabs and Contract brewers…

Brewer’s listings also used to separated their beers Contracted To beers and Contracted By beers but this feature was remove for whatever reason. I’m sure they could reinstate that at least.**

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Well normally, a collab consist that the invited brewer help brew a beer in main brewer installations…
But like sports, the receiving team is supposed to give the credit to the visitor team so I don’t see why you could not put the beer entry in the invited brewer listing with a direct link to the main brewer (so a reverse contracted to as I mentioned)…

It should work… I just tried “Dunham /” and every collab (using the “/” character) shows up in the result.

Currently the doing a search with “/” before the name doesn’t give results but it works the other way around… Try “Pohjala /” instead and you’ll get all the collabs with Pohjala listed first…but not the collabs where Pohlaja is listed after the “/”…another bug found: all search with special characters before a name don’t seem to show first in result……

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Yes “Pohjala /” works (but “Põhjala /” actually doesn’t!), but that list doesn’t interest me as I can already see it under brewery’s page. Neither “/ Pohjala” nor “/ Põhjala” works.

True, you don’t really need to search brewery / as that’s already in the brewery’s page.

/ brewery would help, but only if you figured that out. I’m not sure the average RB user’s websearch IQ is that high, haha. Mine wasn’t until now… and not everyone is going to come across this thread

This is really good suggestion. I think it would be tough to back-implement but for new collabs it could be a thing. Maybe a tag system where we could tag breweries associated would be good? Maybe we can use existing tags? Hmmm…

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Why can’t this be done in exactly the same way as contract brews? That was backdated into the system right?

I would assume we almost certainly don’t have enough admins. When we added contract brews we probably had about the same number of admins and maybe 40,000 beers? Now we have hundreds of thousands of beer and add more than that initial amount every year.

There is a collab tag, so searching for a name plus collab tag?

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Sure, I suppose going forward we should have the option to do it like with contract brewers and maybe as a long term project backdate the others? Not sure how burdened people are generally… also guessing you could probably wrangle a few admins if you asked nicely. :wink:

Ya doing it moving forward would be awesome. Even if backdoing never happened or happened very slowly, doing it for new beer would be a huge improvement for the future.

I guess you’d probably need to implement some sort of system that would let you add multiple breweries as well since sometimes it’s not just two.

Please don’t mess with the TAGS. it’s already tough to search through the listing and add them right now the way they are displayed. If you add brewers name as tags, you’ll ruin them completely.

Maybe you could add a Collabo checkbox (like the contracted checkbox) that could auto copy and alias the Beer in every brewer added.

Yikes. That would be a bit messy too to involve aliases.

I think you’re onto something though… a bit for IsCollab in the Beer table
Then a Collab table that is ID | BeerID | BrewerID

And then on the brewer page we’d have a whole separate tab for Collaborations?

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That seems already a way better option. 3 Separate tabs in brewer listing for COLLAB, CONTRACTED TO, BREWED FOR would be a nice enhancement.

You could remove the unused Distributors folder and the bad looking Distribution folder to make some place for the new ones