National Brewery Centre

Visited the National Brewery Centre in Burton on Trent today and, aside from being a fantastic museum dedicated to the history of brewing in Burton, it also has an incredible range of beer from around the world at the moment left over from their international beer festival in Feb. Seems many have been donated to the museum so prices range from £1 for cheap looking lagers from Myanmar, Cambodia & Russia through to a tenner for big US bottles that usually go for $26. I left with 4 boxes.


Oh my dear God. And I’m set to go to Burton at the end of the month!

Down aisle, left bottle.

Crazy to see my hometown cider here. It is such a small producer! Less than 10ratings here on RB. But they won some medal for it so maybe thats how it ende up there. To everyone going here please pick up a bottle :slight_smile:

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I got one!

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Anyone going there before Cotts? :grinning:

@minutemat, I look forward to trying some of the more ‘interesting beers’ at the next few gatherings we have in Chez Sophie; if you can stop yourself from drinking them all first.


Yes of course, got enough to last til end of the year

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Thanks so much for this tip. Couldn’t carry very much as I was on the train but got some interesting stuff from the US, Turkey, China and Malta for £3 each, plus Myanmar Lager for £1!

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Bumping up this post for Midlands folk and anyone within driving distance of Burton on Trent. The last beer awards happened in November and they still have a LOT of new stuff in there 50p - £1 a can. I got 5 full boxes and still left about 30 bottles. Lots from far East, Japan, China, Australia, US and Europe. Worth the journey believe me.


I love sifting through freshly unloaded random stuff at TJ Maxx. This is like the exact same thing.


I did buy some AF beer at TJ Maxxx the other day.

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Come for the expired fancy teas & throw shams, stay for the lottery beer.