New style list poll - cider, mead, fruit wine & other fermented beverages

Inspired by the discussion about a new style list input is needed on topics.

The last one was the last beer list… Here’s some questions about non-beer things. I guess these ones are more vague than the rest, so more so than before please remember these are polls to gauge opinion, not binding votes on what we’ll do.

How to split cider? We have lots of ciders, there’s currently very few styles for a very wide range of things. We would like more cider styles but knowing around what to split them is tricky. You can vote for multiples in this poll. Should we split out strong ciders from not (feel free to post an ABV you think the split should be around? Should we split ciders by regional style? Should we split out ciders with extra fruit or extra other stuff? Whichever is chosen will then lead to another discussion about how to split.

  • Split by strength - strong cider & normal cider separated
  • Split by regional differences - English scrumpy vs French cidre etc. separated
  • Split by additives - fruited ciders & hopped / other adjunct ciders as separated
  • No splits

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Add quince cider, plum cider and peach cider. Vote for multiples. Don’t vote yes to some and also to the no to all of them option because that is not helpful.

  • Yes to quince cider
  • Yes to plum cider
  • Yes to peach cider
  • No to all of these

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New mead styles. Vote for all you want. Again, votes for some styles and the big no categories would be annoying.

  • Yes to braggot
  • Yes to melomel (fruited mead)
  • Yes to metheglin (spiced mead)
  • No to new mead styles

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Mead splitting. Strong mead vs normal strength mead.

  • Split by strength.
  • Don’t split by strength.

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New fermented rice beverages. Makgeoli and huangjiu.

  • Yes to both
  • Yes to makgeoli only
  • Yes to huangjiu only
  • No

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Fermented tea beverages. Should we add kombucha and jun

  • Yes
  • No

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Fruit wine. Should we add? What limits

  • Yes to anything not grape
  • Yes but only berries and cherry and other common stuff
  • No

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If we did add fruit wine, should it just be one category or split by fruit?

  • Just a style called fruit wine for all
  • Different styles for different fruit wines

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Can someone elaborate more on Makgeoli and Huangjiu vs Saké. I can’t vote on something I really don’t know :stuck_out_tongue:

Light vs Strong Ciders was based on this Regulation.,%20r.%204
From Quebec but can be easily applied worldwide

Voted no for Makgeoli and then remembered that a local minimart stocks it (a lot of South Koreans in Aldershot presumably). Also voted no for Kombucha and a colleague has just mentioned that health food stores stock it. The tick whore in me is straining to re-vote.

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Huangjiu (Chinese) and Makgeolli (Korean) are rice wines style which share a similiar brewing process with Japanese Sake, with difference in grain used and fermentaion starters. The following articles are best explain what they are:



Hope these helps.

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Thx for the info…but I think RB users are not ready yet to expand further on the non-beer fermented beverages :stuck_out_tongue:

Because I joined RateBEER, not rateanythingwithalcohol. If all these non-beer categories are to be included, I suggest a name change and rebranding of the site.


as far as I was told by people who have been involved in running this site for 15 years, it has always been “rate anything that has fermented and is not covered by the wine community”

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RATEBEvERage, unlike Untappd, we rate AvERage, not all 4.5 stars

Light/Strong Cider may be a regulated designation in Canada, but is it a style? Doesn’t seem to be in ciders I’ve tried, so considering the bigger picture beyond Canada just seems like an arbitrary spilt when the %abv info is already available in the description. In the UK cheap, high strength ‘white ciders’ defined below 7.5% are now designated for tax regulations, so why can’t that be added as a style also?

I’d love to see white cider as a style.


Kingston Johns Strong Cider 6% - Ontario, Canada

Looks like other parts of Canada don’t even follow the Quebec cider regulations!

That’s not half bad actually :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Well, they weren’t very inclusive then, were they… I actually get why you’d want to include Braggot and sake, being fermented grain beverages, but fruit wines…? ugh… anyway, this has been a discussion for ages, I’ve shared my opinion. It’s not my call.

No to light / strong. They are not style indicators in the same way a DIPA or Imperial Stout (sorry, Stout - Imperial) are. Im at work but will try and write a proper reply later.

Basically, regional production methods are the only sensible way of splitting cider categories as they are what define a cider’s character & traits, they are easily understandable, and they follow well-established reference points for style.

In my view its better not to split at all than to go ahead with meaningless, ambiguous or vague categories

Looking at the tags, there is a tag for “light ciders” setup already, and this has no items, there is not even one cider currently tagged as “light cider”!

I know Light vs Strong isn’t a style but just labelling requirements. But I thought it would be a good way to separate the light 2% sparkling cider of the strong 12% still cider for example just like we do for some regular vs stronger version styles for beer.

Where is that a requirement don’t think in US it is? Canada? Elsewhere?

No it’s not, which is why no-one has used the tag for light cider, and hardly any for strong cider

It is in Quebec, Canada. I’m not saying it’s a requirement elsewhere in the world, I just thought it was a good thing to separate lighter ciders from stronger ciders just like we separate lighter beers from stronger beers. The Cider database is huge (over 14000 entries) so I was thinking of a way to split ciders in distinct categories.