New updates rolling out - your patience please

We’re rolling out new user privacy protections to comply with the EU’s GDPR requirements. Some of these changes have proven to cause problems with the site. We’d staged the changes and tests went well but we had a problem yesterday after deployment. We’re now testing each file in order to isolate the issue and you may experience a momentary lapse in service lasting about 10 seconds as we isolate the issue. Most users should experience no change in service.

Thanks for your patience.




just one of HUNDREDS.

You have permiission to abuse me as much as you want. tiill i decide to revoke that permission

Are these still happening? I’ve been putting in some old ratings, but now the most recent beer page I went to is pretty empty and doesn’t have an option to rate the beer -

Oh… I think I get it. It’s because it’s an alias. That not really clear at all. Very poorly designed… But maybe I’ve just had a few too many and refused to read. The old design was way more obvious.