Pearl J. r Ewings Private Stock - unrateable?

Hey, I had a can of this 43 year old beer and we just cracked it on Saturday. About 5 of us RateBeerans gotta taste (still carbonated, not horrible). If it is still out there, why is it unrateable?

I think the rules are that if the beer was retired before ratebeer was ratebeer, then it is not rateable. Ratebeer might be old, but it is not 43 years old.


Our little Beer Geek gatherings sometimes bring up old ‘Cobwebs’ that we’ve found that we haven’t been able to rate on here, shame really as old beers are often fun (not always though).


Enabling it to be ‘ticked’ rather than rated might be a compromise. Have had many old relics in my time - Royal Wedding beers from 1981 etc… - and all are an undrinkable mess, so giving a rating seems unkind, but at the same time it’s nice to have a record of it.

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There no way here to set it to tick only and for those that haven’t noticed over past 3 years tick score count towards beer scores. It was one of the things they changed from the take over to “keep up” with untaped.