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It’s a malt beverage

Is the issue normally that alcohol free malt drinks are not rateable whereas as that will have presumably been fermented?

But whatever, that has got to be the ultimate morning after drink?!

My guess would be that this is not rateable. There is nothing in the marketing or on the website implying any kind of relation to beer.

Malt beverage is a euphemism used for alcopop type things in the US (e.g., Smirnoff Ice is a malt beverage here). Generally they are fermented malt bases (without hops and using as neutral a malt as possible) and heavily filtered, removing as much flavour and colour as possible to produce a neutral alcoholic base which flavors are added to.


Figured as much. Just taking a shot. It’s not bad really and at 2.99 a four pack it’s a bit tastier. Thanks!

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