RB Traffic

Probably some of you have seen this. Interesting and somewhat surprising piece of information.

Londoners are lazy and need to spend more time working rather than surfing Ratebeer and porn.


That’s probably dropped to 1% now @Gary has quit


"Tucker also states that for the second year running London is RateBeer’s largest source of traffic per metropolitan area."
What even is a conurbation, man? Just ow contiguous are we talking and for what purpose?
As much as 10% of the site’s traffic originates within the British capital. “The emergence of more world-class breweries and beers has brought greater international attention to the UK beer scene,” he elaborates. [“elaborates”: yeh but – these things have no necessary connection]
“Cloudwater is an amazing brewery led by extremely passionate people dedicated to the highest standards. It was no surprise to see the final tally.” [the recipe is juggled - of course there is no surprise as to the final “tally”]

Good on your Londoniers. Americans are too lazy to visit RB.

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