REQUEST "Who has rated this" list

On the old layout there was an option to show just a list (alphabetic sorted) of users who had rated a beers, without showing the ratings. Can we have that back, please?


yeah ive brought it up before.
It was key to organising tastings and festival beers you all needed

another clear sign of changes made by people who dont understand the needs or use cases of the users.


Yes and it included both reviews and ticks. That’s definitely something that need to make a comeback.

Anyway I mentioned it plenty of times. We should have page for:
Reviews only
Ticks only
Reviews + Ticks
My friends

(all of them with full sorting options like UT, not single folders for Most recent, highest rated…)

And remove Most Liked… I don’t see the feature used anywhere…it just takes the space of more important things like those mentioned above…

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Exactly, was perfect for bigger events. Thought that someone mentioned it before but couldn’t find it. A lot of things get lost in forums if nobody replies for a longer time.

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Not to mention trades. If I am in a store looking to see if someone rated something, it is a pain to click through multiple pages (that said, how often are there multiple pages).

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If 100 people had rated a beer would you not just get a list of 100 user names which you’d then need to wade through? Is it not easier just follow the people you’re going to a tasting or whatever with and then click the ‘My Friends’ button? That’ll then give you a specific list.

I use this feature for planing what beer to bring to tastings, often pre-tastings before beer festivals. So there is a group of, let’s say, 15 Ratebeerians and I want do make a quick check if most people haven’t had the beer.

Let’s say I follow 3 of them but do not care about the daily ratings of the other 12 ones. I’d have to click on 12 persons, follow them, and unfollow them aftwerwards. Then I click on friends tab in a beer and only see the first 10. Clicking on “show all” reloads the site and I need again to scroll down, only to wait for another reload of more ratings. Still not a whole “list” of all those people on a screen.
A simple list of 100 user is way faster to capture, especially if it’s sorted alphabetic.


IMHO beer lists manageable by multiple users should be introduced exactly for this purpose.

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