The race ... or is it stagger ... to raters of the year 2023

Looks like we will see a lower number of rates required to hit top 50 raters of the year for the first time in 3 years.

The total required, to hit 50th spot, grew the past couple of years post lockdown from 1200 in 2020 to 1247 in 2021, then a more sizeable rise to 1446 in 2022.

50th spot for 2023 is currently 1337.

I doubt the total required will be much past the 1370’s at that rate, unless there’s a lot of folks sat on backlog.

LOL. I had way more than last year and would need to double my ratings to make the top 50 still :slight_smile: Mabel has a significant backlog and could theoretically make it to top 50. Not sure how much she has left though.

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I think 743 so far for me, my lowest total in ten years. I have a lot of advent calendar beers to catch up on and plenty of other new beers in the fridge, but realistically I am still going to be quite low. Whilst I still enjoy hunting out new beers, we tend to also drink a lot of the same so always have Weihenstephan Hefe Weiße and Pils in the fridge, Duvel Tripel Hop, Stone IPA, Karg Hefe Weiße and further local beers from around this area. The cost of drinking local beers makes it crazy to be spending heaps on new stuff all the while.

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853 for me so far, and I’m sure I will hit 900 by the end of the year. I would assume my biggest year…giving up the notebook has really accelerated things.for me. Backlog = the lost years.

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Just in there at 47, with my buddy @danlo ahead of me. Reckon I’ll probably sit at around this position until the end of the year, although I do have an end of year tasting with @blackhaddock on Monday which could gain me some valuable points. Surprised you weren’t in the top 50 Jeremy, perhaps your recent cruise backlog could just nudge you in there.


What kind of cruise ?

Jezza still discovering new things at his age?

Were an open bunch here!


Karg hefe was one of the first German beers i got into.

When i used to follow Leicester (in person) the swan and rushes pub was reinvigorated for a few years by a new landlord with a great cask selection (thinking very late 90s to mid 00s).

He also put on a german beer festival in the outside courtyard, usually last home game of season.

Best part of 12 to 16 different ones on and Karg hefe was a go to.

Come to think of it i reckon it was a twice a season treat with one of the first home games in august hosting the german fest also.

Memory slowly returning … Grant was the name of the landlord. Fairly well known in beer circles… also had the Criterion in Leicester.

Seen him a few times in recent years working the german bar at GBBF and the foreign bar at the former London Drinker.

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In answer to @minutemat1 and @Theydon_Bois.

I did drink a bit in Southampton and during the cruise (Madeira, Canaries and Lisbon) but not enough to trouble the top 50 raters of the year. I am currently about 90 off the bottom (1252 rates), with around 25 Spanish and Portuguese rates to be added.

6 Ports visited, but not much time to find bars actually open in the mornings or early afternoons, tried my best but the ship sailed far to early for me to drink much. I only managed to bring home 8 new beers, as most of the bloody shops were shut during the mornings, weekends or public holidays too.



A bit of a rise over the past few days but nothing too drastic.

50th spot now requires 1,365 rates … up 28.

Still 81 short of 2022.

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934 for me so far.

I fell off the pace more quickly in 2023 compared to 2022.

I’ll console myself with sneaking past 5000 recently :grinning:


Hotting up now … I think it will require 1,400 after all!

Only 3 folks below 1,400 with over a week of rating to go … 1,381 is 50th spot.

Yes, I noticed the climb in totals, 1,400 will be the cut off. I am still well off the pace, some 70 or so behind.

Hope to hit my 15,000th rate on New Years Eve, that’s the plan anyway.



I can make it but dumping a backlog is effort I don’t have. Plus the graph stats will look wonky. Rather take it easier next year & fill in the gaps when possible.

I put in a bit of effort to secure a place this year, and should be safe at 1545. Might get a couple more rates depending on whether I get to a pub between now and new year, but not fussed if not.

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Nowhere near the Top 50.but only just looked at the list and see that I am on 964 ticks. if I hadn’t had to cancel a trip to Birmingham at end of November and then come down with Covid I would have been over 1k by now. Have therefore just explained to the Mrs that I am off to London after work today…

Edit: finish on 1k with about 20 minutes to spare

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And with less than 24 hours to go, pretty much wherever you are in the world, the 50th rater has now hit 1,400 for 2023 !


Sat on 1338 for the year, with a couple or so to drink today, 15,002 rate in total on RateBeer.

Keep on Rating is my message for 2024!



Finished the year with 1463 rates for 42nd place. Trip to Sydney has helped with 44 ratings so far.


After a late spurt this last week or so I finished 2023 with 970 ticks, that’s just snuck me into the top 500 raters