Triple IPA thoughts

What does Triple IPA mean to you?

Too strong. Too sweet.


Barley Wine.

Too expensive!

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Nail on head

The brewery has released 10 IIPAs in the last 3 months and are about to make a quad IPA.
They are heirs to a mahoosive cache of dextrose.
They have hops and have seen this scene in The Simpsons


They would have made a “barley wine style ale” but all their pretend whisky barrels are full of cake.

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Solid high hop boost … when they get it right and it maintains a good level of bitterness and doesn’t run too sticky sweet … I pick and choose the brewers for this style (Cloudwater, Track, The Veil, Verdant, Overtone to name a few) and typically they get it spot on every other time and the other time it’s a bit overly sweet but not usually too bad.

I steer clear of purchasing TIPA’s from new or breweries I don’t trust to deliver.

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More booze than I need these days. Probably pretty sweet.

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If they are good, they are good, but even good breweries sometimes make them bad (looking at you Other Half).

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They are just IIPAs…

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typical IIIPA = yum.

To me it just seems like fermented dextrose, no malt character. Never had one I enjoyed even a little bit.

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The older ones before New Englands became popular were quite malty. Hence the jokes about barley wines as some of them were really close to being just hoppy barley wines.

One of my all time favorites is - really nice, hoppy and malty. Of course it is quite sweet also, but it is the malty sweetness.

From the modern ones I really like what Monkish is doing, but they are quite dextrose-lactose heavy.


I liked Devil Dancer, which is what I would consider a Triple IPA. I just find the new iterations of the style to be rather vile, and was wondering that the appeal is. I was just wondering if it really is supposed to be hopped fermented sugar water, if that is being true to style to utilize sugars to push it as opposed to big malt bills.

it is difficult, but not impossible, to make one that I will like. At this point, I am unlikely to try one unless its at a tasting.

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it needs to be bitter forward to even bracing levels for me.

all of these 0 IBU 10%+ sweet hazy bombs are gross.