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What makes Untappd better than RateBeer currently


True, but they don’t make any effort to address that either, in fact, they couldn’t care less :smile::

Please note: We do not remove check-ins, because a user has checked in to the wrong beer, made a low rating, or the check-in details are incorrect (venue/location/etc).


The RateBeer app has a barcode scanner. And it actually works. Also we have these forums. In the past I saw people enquiring about foreign beers here. Doesn’t seem to happen much anymore as the forums are pretty dead.


This is important to realise. And thats knowing im often one of those idiots.
Its not RB vs untappd here its there are idiots out there. untappd having more users probably has more idiots but there everywhere, and sometime the idiot may in fact be you


Same at Ratebeer though. I’ve seen people in the past who are clearly talking about a different beer in their rating, or have perhaps put their rating under a slightly different variant than what they actually had.
Absolutely nothing will happen unless you message an admin about it and provide some evidence since there are no photos here.
This is how it is at Untappd too. Admins can and will move checkins at their discretion if it is obviously wrong. But you have to tell someone about it.

Nobody can be expected to police millions of user ratings to check for this at Untappd or RB. It’s 100% the user’s fault. I don’t think we can blame Ratebeer/Untappd admins, nor should we expect them to go around fixing everyone else’s errors of their own accord. Imagine the time it would take if they had to manually verify every rating.


Exactly. We all makes mistakes sometimes.

I just think this Untappd hate circlejerk is such a pointless thing. If you don’t like their site then don’t use it! Each beer site has its pros and cons. Choose which one(s) you want to use and stop caring so much about what other people do.


Im sure id be untappd if i came along now. 100% sure id say. It met my original need and is just so easy.

Saying that and despite @BenH doesnt like where RB has lead me :slight_smile: i like that RB makes me think a bit more. Yeah i know my reviews still suck. im not expressive but they tell me what i need to know.

I think RB has suffered from the Growth of Untappd. but i think its actually suffered more from the Growth or FB and twitter, as what really made me love Rb was the community RB was the social network site for Beer lovers before we even knew what a social network site was.

So ive a massive bit of me that LOVES RB … its brought me so much, its given me so many friends., brought me so many experiences, and damn a few AMAZING beers i would never have tried otherwise.

Man i really hope RB will live on, but my despair grows about its long term life. Ive said this before and im sure the powers that be just shake their head every time i raise it. But no one i meet seems to like the changes we are seeing. Im ok with trying to encourage more causal use, but if thats at the expense of the current user base its not going to end well


This point is actually far more relevant than a lot of people think. The growth of social networks has caused the death of many different types of sites. In certain industries and niches, only websites that were already quite massive seem to still be around today. Many died or had to adapt. RB is one of those old school websites that is/was big enough to survive staying how it was, but it remains to be seen if it’s doing enough to survive the long term.

Agreed. I’m still a relative newcomer compared to most people posting on these forums having only used the site for a bit over 3 years, but I still visit here every single day without fail. I think for the most part what we have here, especially in terms of community, is something special. We don’t always agree with each other but we all share the same passion.

100% agreed with your last paragraph too. Been in plenty of discussions both public and private and I see the same thing, no one is happy with the changes. Who knows how things will turn out. I just hope that if we are in a downward spiral right now, it’ll be caught and turned around before it becomes fatal.


Not true, Untappd moderators can and do move check-ins to the correct beer, where that’s obvious (and when they have time, of course!).

What’s the correct one in this case? I can’t find it, and I’ve looked fairly hard.


It’s this one, which incidentally has a number of incorrect check-ins too :slight_smile:

How does one find and inform a moderator? I haven’t seen any button to do this (the Flag Check-In is only for rule violations) or any forums there.


It just makes me wonder who the target audience of all these “optimisations” is if many people who actively rate and contribute to the site are unhappy with what is going on.

Anyway, I transferred my ratings to UnTappd in summer because things seemed to be going downhill here. I can’t say that the “new and improved” (and now abandoned??) activity feed has changed my mind about that in the slightest.


This exactly


Your reviews are often shorter than what UT’s maximum character limit is. So how RT makes you think more? In order to give an attribute score?


because if untappd had come along when i started i would have just ticked. So i knew what i had had and if i loved or hated it.

It was the Minimum character limit of RB that made me think more, Ok what is the aroma like, what am i tasting, to put into words. Yeah my review prob would fit untappd limit, but i wouldnt have bothered 10 year ago.

But i like that fact that RB did make me have to say something, so then i wanted to try made what i said usefull to me. I know my reviews are no great feat. Im no super taster and im certainly no sort of Author.

Ive had people say the like my reviews , including one brewer i know. If thats the Case great but if no one found them usefull but me, then i wouldnt have a problem.

Ive got no Problem with untappd, I totally understand why its growth far outstripped RB. But i still like the fact that teh RB system forced me to think a bit more about what i had rather than :frowning: :expressionless: and :slight_smile: that i had previously scribbled on beer festival lists


I use all 3 sites. Shrugs.


At the first Borefts festival I went to, they were selling beer ice cream…which was checked into on untappd. Not sure if the flavours are still there as I can’t remember any of the names.


Yes, that year the ‘plastic aged brew water’ was checked in as well.


You mean actual ice cream? Flavoured with beer? Wow. Well that would have been swiftly deleted, no foods are allowed there.
Like I said, idiots will be idiots and will try to checkin anything and everything, sometimes just to troll the moderators…


I have a question for you UT users. I registered, I tried to browse it a but but I cannot find any forum on it nor any way to “share expertise” with other drinkers, like here on RB.

Has it run over my view or don’t they have a forum at all? Do users organize trades there as well?


The question is do I find more useful site that has

  1. 2k ticks for xy beer and 10 ticks for an ice cream
  2. 2 rates for xy beer and no ice cream

Number one works better for me.


No forums. I doubt many trades are set through untappd although with lists and private messaging system it is possible.