Advent calendars

Costco do have one. If you google Costco Beer Advent Calendar UK it just comes up with stuff about the US one.

Kalea are actually advertising on their website that they are looking for distributors in the UK but obviously no-one has taken them up on it. I wish they’d just ship to the UK because then I’d get a calendar.

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Yes I know what you mean, however as long as the beer selection is good I will soon forget about the rather unchristmassy appearance


I might draw a single holly leaf on mine! I agree rather they spent money on the beer not the packaging.

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Happy Advent Calendar starting day :beers:


Day 1 of the Beer Gonzo calendar and it’s this beer.

Looking forward to this one tonight.


Were your beers numbered Chris? I sent Loz down to choose one hopping that they would be completely random, only for her to pick number 14 when we partially unwrapped it. I thought about ignoring the numbering and doing it completely blind but Loz said if I then took a photo and posted it would ruin the surprise for others, that said I now probably know what my 1st December beer is if they’ve followed the same logic with every parcel.

I’ve unwrapped my number 14, I’m happy with it, nice choice, *I will keep the details to myself so no need to worry, also I don’t drink early part of the week so will save for another evening.

Mine were number on the outside. Sorry if I spoiled the surprise. I will post a spoiler alert next time.

This is what mine looked like.

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No worries Chris…

Maybe because mine had a bit further to travel they had an extra two layers bubblewrap and cardboard, then with the number only visible once I got to the stage where yours is there. So I assumed it was a randomised pick

Love the Lego backdrop!


Looking forward to another year of vicariously enjoying other people’s beer advent calendars! Keep the pics coming!

Was thinking of getting the Beer Gonzo one but getting a beer for day 1 that I’d already had would have ruined Advent for me😁

unless someone guaranteed new releases, say from November onwards, I will never do an advent calendar… BAH and HUM BUG !

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I found one in a Costco here in DC. Sorry guys, I stole your forum post and made it all mainstream.


Spoiler alert.

Day 2 of Beer Gonzo and its…


I haven’t gone down to the cellar to do my randomised pick yet, but that does look interesting. I miss our regular visits to Twisted barrel where we would spend the evening and wild camp in the camper near a park, school and residential area about a mile away.


It’s been such a shit year that I figured I’d need some cheering up. So while no Advent calendar for me, December will be punctuated with some great beers. I’m gonna play along anyway if that’s okay.

However I ate a ridiculous amount of garlic chicken yesterday so I had no room for a beer. Day 1 of my ‘Advent calendar’ was water as punishment for my gluttony.

I was supposed to be in California, but sadly I’m not. So no Advent Calendar for me.

Really looking forward to seeing everybody else’s wares though, honest!


Early days yet but after 2 days I already have a beer already rated in the past, so sitting at 50% success rate with Beer52 calendar.

2 December in jjsint’s pretend Advent calendar. Been saving this for a little while. Delicious, a grown-up sour. Gonna get to rating this one.