Birmingham (AKA Cotteridge) Convention July 2nd 2022

been a long time i have seen any RateBeerian. ok checked in rail tickets booked, sharing bottles added

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@SHIG and myself will form the early reception party.

Not bothering with advance tickets as very little saving (on my route) in this era so prefer to be fully flexible for the limited cost difference.

We arrive into Moor St at 0900 on the first train up the Chiltern route, which is randomly the fastest train of the day by approx 12 minutes, again another post lockdown casualty … we lost our fast Birmingham trains on the weekend.

As such we will be in the Briar Rose by 0907 for Spoons breakfast then head to the Welly for opening.

If you join us you may drop lucky and experience the singing waiter !

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Hi! Can I still sign up for this or is it too late?

I think you have until day of to sign up. The events page has spreadsheet for beers you plan to share.

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Yeah … no worries … just turn up at any point during the day

We have a tasting pencilled in between 1600 and 1900 … suggested amount to bring is 3 bottles

Be good to see you again !


As we’re now coming up to 10 days away I’ve re-vamped and updated the days itinerary to reflect the likely plan.

Birmingham Convention 2022 | Beer Travel, Festivals and Brewing Industry Events, Local Parties: Birmingham (

Great! Is it three different beers with one bottle of each or three different beers with three bottles of each?

3 different beers is always the preference … we do like to tick here no matter the sample size so one bottle of each is fine and all that is expected … preferably 500 to 750ml size but 330/375 should/might stretch … but whatever suits yourself.

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will see you at Cotts then about 11.10 if trains run on time. good they are opening early.

I’ve found a South Dakota IPA in my rot box.

Happy to bring along if anyone wants a state rate. It’s old but should be OK.



Not a new tick, I’ll scroll by for the greater good of others.