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Christmas Beers 2020, post your finds here

It was Thanks Giving Day on 26th Nov, so we had a Turkey and Christmas Pudding; various reasons.

Anyway I found and rated three UK brewed Christmas beers, all of which were ‘OK’, but each also had different ABV’s than their write up on this site gives them, one is also retired, another brewed at another brewery.

If an admin (Glen?) wants to have a look and change ‘stuff’, please do!





All done Mr. Haddock. The Sadlers beer has now been transferred to Hawkshead as that is who bought them out and the Peaky Blinder range is being produced there.

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I haven’t come across a single new Christmas beer yet on my trawls of Supermarkets, still to do B&M Bargains and Home Bargains yet though, I let Sandra go into those places and She gives me a ring when She gets to the beer sections.


I love how ‘She’ is capitalised!


I let the wife head back to Florida before this recent lock down and she has been calling me from beer stores collecting me what I would like for her to bring back. She does this locally too, but less as I usually do the main shopping on the way home from work.

As for the OP, I’ve grabbed a GK Christmas beer that I have previously had cask version in bottle and a Humpty Dumpty Christmas Crackling.



She who must be obeyed :grinning:

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Sourced this in Lidl


It will become my first RB Surrey rate!

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I also have not seen a single Christmas Beers in my travels.

Hogs Back have the Advent ale available, for take out.

It is tradition in the house that I have to have Christmas Beers available for Christmas eve.

I ordered 4 different ones from beers of Europe.



I’ve also had the Wickwar Christmas Cracker and Peaky Blinder Christmas Stout from B&M, the later I enjoyed. I’ve also had the following from M&S which was a disappointment for the higher price:


I couldn’t find the Hogs Back Advent Ale in Lidl but found a Hatherwood winter ale which wasn’t great either:

I think the bigger supermarkets like Morrisons see Christmas ales as a bit naff and unfashionable particularly when they are trying to grab a slice of the craft beer clientele. Well its Bah Humbug I say which is also the beer I’m hoping to get hold of from Bewdley Brewery for a nice Worcestershire rate!


My wife didn’t order the Southey Brewery Christmas Day beers in time so I won’t be getting those😪

As someone who’s not overly keen on ginger, etc, all the bitters and ESBs with added spices don’t really do it for me.

That Hog’s Back Advent Ale is one of the few beers they do that isn’t watered down twig water and possibly now the only dark beer they still do, with their sole focus being the bottom line since that Rupert guy took over.

I have a bottle of this Christmas beer from Nerd Brewing. I will wait until a bit closer to Christmas to open it.


No obvious Christmas beers in my local Morrisons or Aldi today - although the latter was rammed so I didn’t loiter, got out before being consumed into the mentalness!

Shopping at 09:00 on a Monday is the way forward; low life aren’t up that early and you can get in and out quickly.


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Hadn’t really considered Xmas beers this year. They’re usually not very good, and apart from a handful in the supermarket I’d often see them in the pubs, so that’s out.

I think this can be considered a Christmas beer.

One of the better stay puft


Best Christmas beer I have tried so far. Shared with Elf on a Shelf, who as you can see is also very pleased with this beverage.


Hope you don’t mind but I have forwarded this on to James, Head Brewer at Hook Norton Brewery.


No not at all. Would make me chuckle if they ever used it, having zero photography skills.

Remember having this donkey’s years ago, and thinking it was very decent

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I’ve got some To Øl Christmas Beers in now.

  • Santa Gose F&#%! It All

  • Where The F#@! Is Rupdolph

  • Blizzard (In A Beer Mug)

  • Glögglich

  • My Honningkage is Bigger Than Yours

  • Yule M%&?! Rhum

  • Jule Malt


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