Competition Time ... FREE BEER!

It’s been a while and who doesn’t love a competition resulting in free beer !

Around about this time in 4 weeks I’ll be heading out in New York/Brooklyn to go get me some new ticks.

First trip to the US for myself since the famous Rate Beer Winter Gathering of 2016 in Santa Rosa.

I’m travelling for a week with @wingmanwillis and @mR_fr0g and hooking up with @SHIG for 4 of our 7 nights … they aren’t allowed to enter.

As well as NYC/Brooklyn we are also hitting Washington DC, Richmond VA, Norfolk VA and Philly.

Question is very simple … how many new rates will I accrue on this trip … from heading out in NYC around 1330 Wednesday on day one until we board the plane home the following Wednesday (2100ish flight from JFK).

Nearest guess wins a beer from the trip (maybe 2 depending on size/weight).

I’ll try and make it a West Virginia rate for rarer state factor, as we’re planning to drive to a brewpub there on the way from DC to Richmond.

Simple rules … only one guess per person, you can’t guess a number that’s already been listed, you have to be within standard UK internal postal zone … ie you’ll get your beer in a 2kg limit small parcel.

Guesses must be placed by Tuesday 11th April, the day before we fly out.

I’ll endeavour to update the rate count as the trip progresses.

Good luck.


I like free beer, especially if it’s from West Virginia.

I can offer you free postage by way of return, at least if we can be in Wycombe toon at about the same time!

I’ll open the guessing at 220.

Hope you have a great trip!

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I’ll fix it for you to win to save on postage :grinning:

Seriously though if I have room for a couple of WV cans then I’ll grab you one anyway and pass to you in HWY some time … guessing a new region rate for you?

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Sounds an ace trip. I’m going for 255.

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Yep definitely a new region. Regardless though, it’d be good to meet up for a brew or two at MS/Heidrun somewhen, can’t believe we live in the same area and have never knowingly been in the same pub.

OK, I’ll join in - going for 242. Good luck and have a bloody great time :beer: :beer: :beer:

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I’ll go 217… WV one of my last few states for a beer (along with Arkansas, Idaho, South Dakota)

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Reminder set for 11/04.



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Looking at the low guesses I don’t think people realize how many brewpubs and multi tap bars there are in the US, plus you are travelling with others.

My estimate for the whole trip is 450 new rates, have fun.





Sounds like a great trip! I’ll guess 210.

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Guessing 35/day, 7 days = 245

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199 (feel a bit sheepish about entering this but i still cant find a WV beer)

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I’d go 461. Have a great trip.

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280, have a good time!

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Right I’ll give you something to aim for: 400

Let’s not be under any illusions - these guys are pros. And I’m guessing some sizeable 5oz tasting flights will get a look-in. Don’t let me down!


That lot can drink 35 in an hour!


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