Competition Time

We go away on Saturday and I have just remember about this.

When I won the Aussie beer from @Mr_Pink_152, I said I would run a competition.

So I will pick up something in Finland. Probably something from Northern Ostrobothnia. I’ve never had a beer from Nailo Brewery and they’re a 6 minute walk from where we’re staying… unless I spot anything more interesting.

A family holiday with my parents so not expecting super large amounts. The aim is to get out ticking at least twice in Oulu and at least once in Helsinki. Will be out there for 14 days.

So how many beers will I tick?

Open to UK residents.

Please submit your numbers by 20:00 on 22/07.


Hope you have a great time.

I’ll go for 180.

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Never been to Finland, have a lovely time with family and friends, my guess is 98 new rates over the holiday.

Please don’t buy any cheap stuff just to bolster your total!


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Please buy cheap stuff just to bolster your total! :grin:


With family? It will be tough. I’d say 65.

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There is no cheap stuff!!

(Actually the beers my cousin ordered for me from Alko were all €4 - €7.)

I’m guessing as this is a family holiday you’ll be taking a casual approach to ticking. Comparing to the amount I had during two weeks i spent in the US recently, where I was ticking relatively casually, and bearing in mind there will be less opportunity for bar flights… I’ll say 90.

70 1/2

Well, I’m usually clueless with these things so shot in the dark time, I’ll plump for 75. Have a great time :beers:

I’ve had a few short stays in Finland over the years, and some Finnish beers have been available in Norway - still I’m only at 87 beers rated. I guess you’ll end up with 40 ratings during your stay.

I’ll go for 39. Enjoy your holiday!

I was going to bring my guess down, but if you have a day to get your tick on in Helsinki, that could produce some numbers. I’ll stick with my guess.

You can’t change guesses mid contest … serious business this !


Quite agree!



Im going to go for 62


Good luck!

55 is my guestimate